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Want to read Mutant X slash? You're in the right place, with over 100 stories. We've some fantastic authors who write in many pairings. If you like their stories think about telling them . It's the only reward that they get.

If you've written a MX slash story, let me know, I'd love to archive it. Let me know too if you have any problems with the site, especially broken links. Or even if you just want to ask/tell/chat about something, I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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New story by Ninjetti. Trick and Treats. (B/J, implied E/S. 2 stories by Terri Simple and Don't Speak (both B/J). New story by Andromeda Valentine, The Red Room (E/S)


Three new stories by Angela. Through My Eyes , Sexual Tension and Blind Love . All (B/J)


I want to take a moment to say sorry to you all for not updating as often as I should. The last few months have been hell in terms of my computer access, with both my ISP and computer acting up. If you submitted a story and it's not archived could you please resubmit? Same if you e-mailed any questions. I feel terrible that I have to do this, but it's better than missing any stories. All I can say is sorry.

4 parts of a series by Little Vera. I Scream the Body. Parts I, II, III and IV (B/J) 2 stories by Angela Halloween Distress: Jesse's Story (B/J)and Marking Jesse (B/J)


3 New stories by Angela. Brennan's Destruction 2,The Beginning and Freeze Frame Happy Memories (all B/J)

2 new stories by TalithX The Greater Good and it's sequel Playing God ( both B/J)


5 new stories by Angela. I Cry For You. (B/J), My First Times (B/J),My Sweet Innocent,Jesse is Romanceless (B/J) and Jesse. My Afternoon Delight (B/J)

21/08/03 I must apologise for the lack of updates. I've been ill then had computer troubles. I've a backlog of stories to upload that I'm working through now. Starting with --

One story by Angela. Unbelievable (B/J)

1/08/03 Welcome another new author to the archive. Ninjetti. I've uploaded two stories by him so far with more to come. Workout and Owe Me Nothing (B/J)
Added a page of slash and slash freindly mailing lists for MX

26/07/03 Welcome a new author to the archive. Angela. She has one story so far. Brennan's Destruction (B/J)
Another new author Jena Bartley, she has one story First Steps (A/J)

14/03/03 I've become an affiliate with a new Mutant X archive, The Sanctuary Garden. I imagine some stories will be duplicates, but the more exposure the better for Mutant X fanfic. Also, the archive has shipper and gen if your tastes run that way ;)

03/07/03 Two new stories by Terri. Casting off the cloak (B/J) Warning this is kink sub/dom role play and Madness -- (B/J)
New story by TalithaX, Paper Doll (B/J)
Start of a new Series by Little Vera. Genesis. (B/J) (B/OMC) (J/OMC) MPREG
New story by The TenthMuse1. Reality. Third in the Altered States Series (A/B)

04/06/03 New series of drabbles by Andromeda Valentine Watching...Wanting...Fearing...Loving, (E/S)
New story by TalithaX, Choices. (B/J)
New story by JenCat, Broken Ties (B/J)


If you have any questions or comments don't hesitate to contact me, I'll be happy to help.

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