Do you know that a Mutant X zine was brought out last year?

For those who don't know a zine is fanfic bound into book form, usually with cover and inside art.
Of course you have to pay for these, but what could be better than curling up with a good long Mutant X slash story? You could read in bed, on the train ( if you're brave *g* ) even in the bath.
I admit, I'm a zine fan. So of course I have a copy of the Mutant X zine, Mutant seX. I love it. JenCat has two excellent stories that had me on the edge of my seat, laughing out loud, drooling with lust and at times so mad that I could have screamed at the characters in frustration.
This is just my personal opinion, but the zine is one that I'll treasure for a long time. If you're a B/J fan, think about ordering, you're sure to love it.

Below is the advert that was used for the zine...

Well, it’s finally here! Yes, folks, the very first Mutant X slash zine is now out and ready to be shipped into your hot little hands!

     Mutant seX #1 is back from the printers, over 200 pages of smut and adventure only found in zine form. These stories are NOT available on the web, and won’t be, so this is the only place you can read all the action, affection, adventure, and Brennan and Jesse making the sign of the 2-humped aardvark!

     Mutant seX #1 has a GORGEOUS full color cover artwork of Brennan and Jesse, and three interior B&W illustrations that you won’t see anywhere else! All interior illos were done by professional comic artists at the recent Wonder Con, and are SO much better than the MX comic book art, believe you me!

     2 novella sized stories by JenCat, both are first time stories for Brennan and Jesse, climbing that rocky road to true love and mind-bending sex.

     The first story is “Absolutely.”  Brennan is captured by a group of scientists intent on using his powers for evil purposes: to drain him of his power until he is dead. Brennan is rescued in the nick of time by his teammates, who must do their best to help Brennan recover from the horrors inflicted on his mind and body.

     Especially helpful is Jesse, who has been carrying a torch for his friend longer than he cares to admit. A few nifty twists, and an unusual connection forms between the two men as they work to rebuild what was lost, and build something more. Lots of h/c, lots of bad guys, and a whole HEAP o’ sex makes this one fun read!


             “That good, huh?” Brennan queried as Adam looked up from the monitors with a huge grin.
“I don’t know what happened, but you made an amazing leap forward since last night,” Adam nodded with satisfaction.  “I can safely say you’re out of the woods now.”
“Cool,” Brennan smiled, sitting up easily, pulling the pads off of his chest and standing up.  “I feel a lot better."  He glanced through the glass, seeing Jesse walking by, and his smile grew wider.  “Excuse me,” he said, pulling on his shirt, walking out of the room.
“Hey,” he smiled as Jesse turned towards him.  “How are you doing?”
“Good,” Jesse nodded.  “You?”
“Much better,” Brennan grinned with a stretch.  “Almost feel like I could take on the dojo.”  
“Well, don’t push it,” Jesse smiled.  “There’ll be plenty of virtual ass to kick later.”
“Hey,” Brennan said softly, grabbing Jesse’s arm as he turned to go.
“Come here,” Brennan said, pulling Jesse after him, heading into the nearest room, closing the door behind them.  “Hey, relax,” he soothed as Jesse tensed slightly, looking around.  “I’m not gonna bite you.”
“I know,” Jesse laughed slightly.  “What is it?”
“I just wanted to thank you again.  For everything.  Especially for last night.”
“Last night?” Jesse asked curiously.
“Yeah,” Brennan smiled.  “Adam says I made a huge leap forward last night.  I think it had something to do with what you told me.  In fact, I’m sure of it.”
“Glad I could help,” Jesse said nervously as Brennan stepped closer.
“Look, I know what I said last night, about not being ready, and I meant it, and I don’t want to give you false hope in case it doesn’t work out later, but....”
“But what?” Jesse asked, his mouth going dry as Brennan leaned closer.
“But I really want to kiss you.  Now,” he whispered.
“I...I can handle that,” Jesse managed thickly.
“Good,” Brennan smiled, pressing his mouth gently over Jesse’s, a small moan escaping from his throat as Jesse gasped, kissing him back.
Jesse forced suddenly heavy lids open as he pulled back, licking nervously at his lips as he stared up at Brennan.
“You okay?” Brennan murmured, stroking Jesse’s face with the backs of his fingers.
“God, yes.”
“Good.”  Brennan grinned, leaning back in, kissing Jesse again, a little more intensely.  He cradled the other man's face in his hand as Jesse sank into the kiss, hands cautiously gripping Brennan’s waist as he moaned. 
“Mmmm, you taste good,” Brennan purred, leaning his forehead against Jesse’s with a smile, his fingers playing with Jesse's hair.  “Maybe I’m a little more ready for this than I thought....”
“Yeah?” Jesse smiled, pulling Brennan closer.
“Yeah,” he smiled back, kissing Jesse again, trailing the tip of his tongue across Jesse’s lips, enjoying the shudder that ran through Jesse’s body at the contact.  “And I think you’re definitely ready for this.”
“I’ve been ready for a long time,” Jesse gasped, sliding his hands tighter around Brennan’s waist.  “So ready….”
“I guess so,” Brennan agreed, cradling Jesse’s face in both hands, pulling him up for a longer kiss.  His fingers tangled in Jesse's hair as the blond clung to him, his tongue starting to probe between Jesse’s lips when a sound came over their comlinks. 
“And the voice of reason interrupts,” Brennan laughed dryly as Adam’s voice called everyone to the communications area.
“Guess we’d better go,” Jesse whispered, relaxing his grip on Brennan’s waist slightly.
“Guess so,” Brennan agreed, slowing dropping his hands from Jesse’s face.  “We’ll pick this up later, okay?”
“Absolutely,” Jesse grinned as Brennan stepped back, pulling the door open.


     The second story is “Boy Scout.” A bit of an AU. Jesse is out at a club one night, where he sees a gorgeous man across the bar, who passes out in front of him as a result of a date rape drug. Turns out Brennan was to be the next victim of two serial rapists/murderers, until Jesse intervenes. As one of their previous victims was a famous person, Brennan and Jesse are thrust into the media spotlight, and they are pursued unrelentingly by the press. Despite all this, the two manage to form a connection, and are able to start a relationship and have lots of hot, monkey sex while avoiding the press. Twists, turns, social commentary, a bit o’ angst and lots of smut are awaiting you in this imaginative story, which has earned rave reviews! Don’t miss out!


All in all, it was turning out to be another boring, wasted night out.
Watered down drinks, lame music blasting way too loud, and the usual desperate faces lining the bar and the dance floor.  Nothing to write home about.
Jesse sighed, turning his attention back to the beer he clenched in one hand while he picked at the label with the other.  Nights like this made him wonder why he even bothered to get dressed and go out.
Oh, yeah, hope.  That futile, persistent emotion that told him the more he went out, the more likely he would be to find someone to connect with, even if for only a few hours.  He had pretty well given up on finding anything more than that.  After all, how likely was it for anyone to find someone they could really connect with, even if one wasn’t...wasn’t....
Wasn’t a freak.
He sighed heavily, digging his fingernails deeper into the paper label, stifling the urge to crush the bottle between his hands.  Not like it would hurt….
“When did my life get so pathetic?” he groused under his breath.  “Hell with this.”  He pushed himself upright, tilting his head back to finish off his beer.  “I am outta—“
And that’s when he saw him.
Jesse’s jaw dropped open, slamming it shut only by great effort, dimly acknowledging the fact that beer was spilling out of his mouth and down his chin.  He wiped frantically at his face, the bottle slowly settling back down onto the bar as he took in the vision before him.
“Christ," he gurgled, staring across the crowded bar.  “Oh, holy shit….”
He sat frozen as his eyes continued to drink in the sight:  6’4", huge brown eyes and thick, dark, silky hair just made to run your fingers through.  Not to mention the long legs, broad shoulders and an ass that begged to be grabbed, all wrapped in black silk and leather, with a killer smile, to boot.
All in all, a living, breathing wet dream, not more than fifteen feet from him.
Suddenly, Jesse’s night was looking a whole lot better….


Copies are available at:  Agent with Style


Created on ... April 28, 2003