Through My Eyes

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Pairing: Brennan/Jesse

Rating: PG

Status: Complete

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Summary: A look at Brennan and Jesse through Shalimar's eyes.

Warnings: none

Notes: This is was written before the season three premier and we know that
Emma has died.


I stand in the doorway to the day area watching Brennan and Jesse. They are so like night and day. So different yet so much alike. Brennan is leaning over something that Jesse is showing him. The dark head is now thrown back in laughter as he sees something that is funny to him. The blonde head is
being shook in disgust. Apparently Brennan wasn't supposed to laugh. The Elemental reaches over and kiss' Jesse's up turned nose that makes the younger man wrinkle his nose cutely.

I almost laugh out loud when seeing Jesse do that. He is so cute. Brennan just gives him his best smile and goes back to what ever Jesse has brought into show him. Jesse wants to be wherever that Brennan is and Brennan lets him. I had always figured that the older man would push Jesse away when
wanting to have a little peace and personal space. He doesn't though.  Jesse is special. Everyone sees it. And all the team wants to take care of him. But we all know that only one person other than me is allowed near him when he is hurting and that is Brennan. Jesse hops up from the position he is in
and goes towards the kitchen area to grab something for Brennan.

I turn my gaze towards the man left and shake my head. Who would have thought Brennan would turn out the way he is. All the team when he first got here saw the tough, no holds barre, don't take any prisoners person. We saw the streetwise kid and we also saw a young man with an old soul. That one is
because of the childhood he lived before coming to Mutant X.  Oh boy did Brennan ever have a chip on his shoulder and still does from time to time. He is temperamental and doesn't take half-truths to well. And if he has to he can lie with the best of them Thank goodness that particular talent
hasn't been needed lately. He is stubborn and sees the world as one big fight. But underneath all of that is someone who is passionate about everything from Jesse to life. He is passionate about what we are doing. He sees that anyone from Mutant to a normal human being should live life like they see fit. I suppose that's where the compassion comes in. Brennan is just as compassionate about things, people, places or whatever you name than anyone else is. He is extraordinarily tender and loving especially when it comes to Jesse. And in all of that he is your champion when you need one.

I can remember not to long ago when I needed that champion and Brennan was right there supporting me through it all. I never had thought that one stupid comment and mistake would have gone that far but it did. We haven't been out clubbing for a while now. I'll have to suggest we try that new club
downtown. Hopefully everyone agrees to it. We all need a little getaway especially with Brennan being hurt.

I hear Jesse return from the kitchen. He's carrying a tray with three plates and mugs. I smile. Apparently, Jesse knows I am standing here so he hasn't forgotten me. I just want to stand here and watch for a few minutes longer before I join the boys for a little downtime.

My eyes fall on Jesse as he helps Brennan with his plate. He makes the dark haired man more comfortable and then joins him with his own plate. I smile again. I seem to be doing a lot of that lately when it concerns Jesse and Brennan. Jesse young yet not so young. He is the poster boy for the young yuppie. He came from a background like no other. He wanted for nothing because his parents were rich. In all of that though Jesse is like an innocent. He sees the world as everyone being good. I suppose that could be true. No one is bad until something that ultimately destroys them. He is so
opposite Brennan and not just in the looks department either. Jesse is soft where Brennan is hard. Jesse is intelligent not that Brennan isn't. He knows anything and everything. He is good at the technical aspect of Mutant X. He is loving, compassionate, trusting, and gentle. Jesse has a gentle soul even despite having parents like he did. He is helpful. He will help anyone that asks. He is funny to. Jesse has a wicked sense of humor when you get him started. He plays good too. His talents astound me. He can take any electronic and make it work. That's not his only talent either. He draws and paints. Not too many people beyond me know that about him. I've seen the sketches and paintings he has done especially the ones of his Brennan.

Jesse trusts so implicitly. I don't know why but he just does. His trust in Brennan has never wavered even when it should have. He has told me before that he trusts Brennan with his life and that Brennan will always be there for him. I believe him. Brennan has been there for everyone especially since
our last mission.  He trusts Brennan even more to keep us safe. It seems Jesse has elected his Brennan to be our leader even though Adam is our official leader.I wouldn't blame him in the least bit. Brennan is a natural leader where Jesse is a follower. And Jesse would follow Brennan to the ends of the earth. Jesse just comes by this naturally. I can't see Jesse leading a mission and have everyone follow him like they would Brennan.

While I have been standing here contemplating both of the boys they have gotten the day area ready for a movie marathon. Emma has come in and is now staring at me. I smile and she pats the seat next to her. I go and sit down next to the younger woman. I sigh. It would seem the boys have not picked
out warm and fuzzy movies. Maybe that's where I am wrong. On the screen before me is a warm and fuzzy movie and then I see the movies on the coffee table before me. They have picked out comedies and romantic movies. I smile and lean back to enjoy our movies.

I glance from time to time at Brennan and Jesse. They are so good together. Jesse grounds Brennan. Brennan loosens up Jesse. I can see that Brennan has helped to mature Jesse more throughout their short relationship. It's filled with such love and joy. Both of the guys enjoy each other's company but at the same time they give each other the personal space that they need. Brennan reaches for something and Jesse won't let him. Jesse is a great caregiver. He wants to do for the one that he loves. And boy does he love Brennan. You can see it in the way he talks, moves, gestures, and the way
his eyes shine and face lights up at the mere mention of Brennan.

Jesse lights up when Brennan is around. Brennan doesn't have to be in the same room but in the general area and Jesse is more relaxed. I laugh a little as the guys battle about who is doing what for whom. Jesse wins out. I think Brennan needs to set back and relax and let Jesse do for him. I have seen Brennan do for Jesse, though. When Jesse had gotten hurt several months ago, Brennan was at his side every minute. He was doing for Jesse as Jesse is doing for him now. Brennan would just sit and watch Jesse sleep or even breathe. He had gotten so worried about him. We all were. Adam left Jesse
with Brennan though. He knew that the younger man would and could take care of the blonde Molecular.

I look towards the television screen for a while. I glance up to see a sleepy Jesse lounging against Brennan. Brennan has his arms around his lover. Tightly I might add. He doesn't want Jesse to slip off the couch they share. Brennan and I share a smile. I nod towards Jesse and he nods his head in understanding. He shakes Jesse awake enough to get the both of them to the bedroom that they share.

As they are both walking away I keep watching them. They are so special to each other. They do for each other, they never complain and they cry on each other's shoulders. Brennan and Jesse never let life get to them. They know what the stakes are for the team and for themselves. They just live one day at a time. And that's all I ask of them. That is all that Adam and Emma would ask, too.

"So much like night and day, eh, Shal."

"Yeah, Emma, but in some part so much alike." I answer her.

I look at the younger woman and gesture towards the television. She nods her head in the negative and gives me her hand to help me up from my position on the floor where I must have landed during the course of the night. I put my arm through hers and we walk towards our bedrooms. Before we go into either one we stop at the door of the guys' room. We see that Jesse has come fully awake and is helping Brennan undress. As he helps there are instances where he moans lightly in pain. Jesse stills until the pain is gone and then continues the undressing. After he gets that done, Jesse puts Brennan to bed and then undresses himself to join his lover in bed. They haven't made love for weeks because of Brennan's injuries but I think neither one of them really cares. Jesse moves into Brennan's arms and snuggles down for the night. Emma and I hear contented sighs from both and we walk off to settle
ourselves into our rooms.

"They love each other immensely."

"They do."

"Goodnight, Shal."

"Night, Em."

I smile and wave at her. I hope someday both Emma and I can find that kind of love. I kinda would like to have some little ones running around Sanctuary someday. I smile a secret smile at that.

The next morning finds two barely dressed men in the kitchen fixing breakfast. I stop and watch them. Brennan is sitting on a stool and helping with the preparations while Jesse is cooking. I smile at that. It's great to see that kind of love. Like I said last night to Emma they are in some part
alike and I hope nothing happens to separate either one of them. Jesse would die without Brennan and I suspect Brennan would die without Jesse even though he wouldn't admit it out loud.

I smile once more and join them. This is going to be a great day. I'll do more people watching at a later time. I just want to be with the people I call family.

Brennan and Jesse look at Shalimar and smile. Jesse beckons the blonde woman into the kitchen. She comes in and Brennan hands her a knife to help him.

Brennan glances at Jesse and feels at peace. He is with the one he loves more than life itself.

Jesse looks at Brennan. He would die without Brennan but he would also die for him.

Both men smile and enjoy the banter with both the girls as they enjoy their morning before getting down to business.