Jesse is Romanceless

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Pairing: Brennan/Jesse

Challenge: Peja's Romance Challenge

Rating: PG

Status: Complete

Series/Sequel: if you want any

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Summary: Jesse contemplates romance and Brennan.

Warnings: none

Notes: none

Romance, shomance. I hate it. Well, tonight I do. Brennan just called in saying that he and Shalimar are going to be a couple more days on the mission they went out on. And here I was planning a great romance. I was planning on romancing one Brennan Mulwray. I suppose it has to happen sometime. That sometime has to be now. I was planning on giving Bren something from my heart. I guess it will wait for another day.

I sigh for the fortieth time tonight. I am so bored. No Brennan. No romance in bed tonight. No romance on the television either. Emma and Adam are watching some stupid action movie. That's gotta be a weird one. We get enough action as the Mutant X team. You would've thought that would have turned them off action movies. I want romance. I almost want to shout at both of my teammates. Emma looks at me and smiles. I suppose she senses my frustration. Ok, so I am frustrated. You would be to if your lover was spending a few more days away from you and you had to endure a romanceless night.

I get up and walk down the halls of Sanctuary and contemplate what I could do with myself for the next few days until my beautiful Brennan gets back. My walk leads me to our bedroom. I walk through the door and look around the room. The bed is rumpled from our morning naked romp. Ok, so we mostly have morning naked romps. So sue me. Our clothes from the night before are still lying on the floor where we have thrown them. I sigh remembering Brennan being so gentle and loving in our love making last night and this morning. He usually is though. I just want those long arms around me. I want them to hold me tight and never let go. I am getting sentimental I know but I'm allowed. I miss Brennan just way too much. It seems like forever until the next time that he will be walking through the hallways of Sanctuary and the door of our shared bedroom. I set on our bed and let my head drop into my hands. I feel the tears start to well up in my eyes. I just want some romance. Brennan and I haven't had any in the last few weeks to at least the last month.

I hear movement at the door but don't look up. I feel arms going around my shoulders and leaned into them. I just figure its Emma and she is trying to comfort me. The bed dips some more and I think this is odd. Emma wouldn't lie down in this bed for anything. She knows this is mine and Brennan's bed and we are territorial about our sleeping quarters. Well, we are not that bad. We just like to have a little privacy every now and then. A deep laugh makes me jerk my head up and look into the deep brown eyes of the man that I love more than life itself.

"Romance, Jess."

"You bet, Brennan."

He just opens his arms and gathers me there for the rest of the night.
Apparently both he and Shalimar were missing us and their lead had turned
out to be bogus so that they came home. I am glad they did. I'm thinking
romance is a good thing.

Hey, romance is wonderful especially if you are having a great romance with the one you love.