Brennan's Destruction

Pairing: Brennan/Jesse

Rating: PG

Status: Complete

Feedback: Yes

Series/Sequel: if you want any

Disclaimers: They aren't mine. Marvel Studios and the people associated with
them do. I just borrow them and return them.

Summary: Jesse's feelings about Brennan's powers while Emma helps him
control them

Warnings: The title maybe misleading to some. Brennan as we all know
survives his powers' mutating. This is just Jesse looking in at Brennan and
how he feels about Brennan while watching him.

Notes: Episode related: One Step Closer. I was watching the rerun of this
and had gotten to the scene where Brennan and Emma are in the glass
enclosure so that she can help him control his powers. I had to write this
from Jesse's POV as he sees his lover go through the mutation and the "cure"
to help him control it.

I stand here outside of these glass doors watching Brennan self-destruct and
Emma try to help him. All I want to do is help him. All I want to do is hold
him and tell him it will be all right. I can't stand seeing Brennan in pain
especially the kind of pain he is going through now. I put my hand on the
glass enclosure and hope that my love and life will survive this. All I want
is his powers to not control him but for him to control them. My heart is
breaking. All I can feel is pain and fear. I feel tears form in my eyes and
hope no one else notices.

"Oh Brennan," I think, "All I want to do is wrap my love around you and make
the pain go away."

Finally, Emma and Brennan have dropped to the floor. Shalimar goes to
Brennan and Adam and I go to Emma. Later tonight I'll have Brennan all to
myself to show him how much I was worried about him and how much I love him
and don't want to lose him. I give Brennan a slight smile and hope that my
love and concern shows. He smiles back at me. That's when I know he knew I
was concerned and only was showing my love for him. We leave the enclosure
after making sure Brennan's powers are under control but I am still hovering
around him. I just don't want him to leave for a moment. I am so afraid
he'll lose it again. I think he knows what I am thinking when he turns and
gives me his most reassuring smile.

"I'm still here." He whispers.

I smile and nod my head. I can't help it. All I want to do is hold on
tightly and never let go.

"Later." I say.

He nods his agreement. Now I'm anticipating tonight but first we need to
rescue the Senator's daughter. I walk through the halls of Sanctuary after
the rescue and wonder if any of us will me all right. Watching Brennan
almost self-destruct before me makes me rethink where I want to be and where
I am headed. Right now I head towards mine and Brennan's room where I know
he is waiting for me. Opening up the door I see the love of my life standing
there waiting for me. Brennan opens his arms and I walk into them.
Everything is all right now.

I am lying in Brennan's arms after a passion filled night. Instead of him
making love to me I made love to him. He knew that I needed that kind of
reassurance. The kind of reassurance that lets me know that we have now and
forever. And he won't leave me until we are both old and gray.

"I love you, Brennan." I whisper as I drift off to sleep.

I can feel his smile as he kiss' the top of my head and drifts off to sleep.
He is alive and I won't lose him. Having him here and him loving me is my
reassurance as the lovemaking was early this evening.

"I love you, Jesse." He says as his eyes close.