Don't Speak

Pairing: B/J.

Summary:Just a little PWP.

Warning: Some mild kink.

Notes: Written for JenCat's birthday.


"Don't move"

The demand, hissed into his ear woke Brennan from a fretful sleep. The night was hot and humid, and sweat gleamed over his body after hours tossing and turning in bed.

"Keep your eyes closed."

This next demand caused Brennan to freeze, uncertain whether to play along, his body teetering between jumping up or obeying the implicit order.

"It's ok, you can trust me, just keep those beautiful eyes closed."

A smile graced Brennan's face as he finally decided to just go with the flow. He'd recognised Jesse's voice from the first words, realising quickly that Jesse wanted to play. It wasn't often that Jesse allowed his dominant side to emerge. Mostly he and Brennan were equals in everyway; there were no labels between them, no tops or bottoms, alpha or betas. Yet on occasions they would play out fantasies, and then anything went. It could be a wild ride, one that Brennan loved to experience.

"Don't speak."

That was fine by Brennan; he lay still as Jesse moved away from the bed. Even with his eyes closed he could feel him leave, the air felt empty without Jesse in it. He listened as Jesse moved round the room, pulling things from his closet, placing them by his side. Brennan's whole body seemed energised, anticipation running through him. He wanted to move, talk; open his eyes, anything to break the torture of lying still on the bed. Yet he wouldn't, he'd do anything that Jesse wanted. Anything at all.

"Lift your head Babe."

Brennan felt something snake under his head then fasten across his eyes. The silky texture reminded him of the scarf he wore occasionally, and he gathered that Jesse had raided his closet especially for that item. Jesse held Brennan's head up as he wound the scarf tightly, there was no way that Brennan could see anything now, whether his eyes were open or not.

"Ok you can sit up now, take it slowly, that's it."

Sitting up slowly in bed Brennan felt a hot hand push gently against his back. He could feel Jesse's breath on his face, but had now way of knowing what the mutant was doing. Fighting against the urge to reach out in front of him with his arms   Brennan willed himself to sit still as he felt the light blanket be pulled from the bed them thrown on the floor.

"God Brennan you're so beautiful, do you know how good you look sitting there."

Jesse's voice sounded breathless, as he slipped out of play mode for a few seconds. Brennan could imagine him standing, arms crossed, just drinking in the sight before him. Being the focus of such scrutiny made Brennan feel warm inside and horny as hell. He jumped as suddenly something was tied round his wrist.

"Just making sure that you can't get away Babe, not that you're going to want to after I'm done with you. I've so many plans for tonight. I'm going to make you scream and there's nothing that you can do about it. You belong to me body and soul."

Those words, thrown at him in that dark hot room seemed to flow straight to Brennan's cock. He was painfully hard and longed to reach down and touch himself. As Jesse talked he was winding another length of silk round Brennan's other wrist, leaving a long length to trail down to the floor. Brennan could feel the material lying against his leg, tormenting him with sensation.

"Stand up now, then just stay still while I finish doing this."

Brennan stood from the bed, slowly, unused to not seeing. He felt isolated and unsure, he couldn't feel Jesse near him, couldn't feel anything but that maddening length of silk that swayed gently across his skin. Every feeling seemed to be centred at his groin; if Jesse didn't do something soon he would have to move.

"It's ok Bren, I'm just here. There's something else that I need to get then we'll start

Settling down at the sound of Jesse voice, Brennan was content to stand until told otherwise. He listened as Jesse moved about the room, rearranging things to his satisfaction. Soon the sounds stopped and Brennan felt a tug on the silk that bound both wrists.

"I'm all done now, all ready to give you the night of your life. I've wanted to do this for so long, you were made to be tied up Bren. Come here to me."

Feeling another tug at the bindings Brennan allowed himself to be pulled backwards until his bare ass hit the edge of the bed. Once in position Jesse placed a hand onto his shoulder, pushing down until Brennan lay prone on his bed once again.

"Just lie still now, I've some arranging to do."

Sensing Jesse moving round the bed Brennan lay still as one after the other the silk scarves were gathered up from where they trailed to the floor. Breath hitching at the trailing ends were brushed softly over his body he was surprised when one at a time his arms were suddenly pulled up and out, then tied tightly to the corners of his bed.

"You look so good like that Bren, so beautiful, so pretty, laid out just for me. I'm not finished yet though, as delicious as you look, there still some finishing touches. I want you to relax for me now babe, let me do all the work.

Shivering Brennan couldn't help but tense as both his ankles were circled by yet more material. Soon both of his ankles were positioned far apart, tied in such a way he was immobilised on his bed, unable to move more than an inch. Feeling so helpless should have been scary; instead all he felt was powerful lust, congregating in his cock and balls. Brennan felt disconnected from the real world, his whole existence centred on this bed and the man hovering on the boundaries of this world. Jesse didn't attempt to touch him, leaving Brennan frustrated and horny, wanting, needing, something to shatter the need that consumed his body.

"I can't wait until I can touch that beautiful body. You look so good laid out like that, a feast for me to do anything I like with. I'm going to remember how you look right now for as long as I live. It's an image that's burned into my mind. I wish you could see yourself, blindfolded, tied up, body gleaming in the dark. Bren, you're one of the hottest things I've seen, I could come just looking at you. Just one more thing then we're done, and I can play."

Trying desperately to keep his moans at bay Brennan arched on the bed as Jesse crouched over him, lightly running his hands down Brennan's chest, the sensation was driving him mad, light enough to torment every nerve ending in Jesse' path. Not knowing whether to be relieved or disappointed when those hands were removed, Brennan slumped back onto the bed, boneless. He could hear Jesse pick something from the bedside, then stand so he was looming over him.

"Just this to go now, now remember no talking."

Brennan could feel Jesse getting closer, he could feel his breath ghosting over his body as his head came closer, hear the quick intakes of air as Jesse concentrated on what he was doing. Feeling the air move round his cock, he gasped as something was suddenly draped over, then tightened round his errection and balls. The urge to scream was brilliant as pure sensation rushed his body. Brennan felt his whole body arc from the bed, limbs straining from the violent movement. It took him a few minutes to realise that Jesse was gently stroking his arm, urging him to calm down.

"That's it beautiful, just take deep breaths. It was only your cock ring that I was putting on you. I don't want you coming before I'm ready. There's so much more that I want to do to you, stroke you, lick you, I want to taste every inch of your body, suck your cock, worship you like you deserve to be worshiped. Then I'm going to fuck you through this mattress. Pound until all you can feel is my cock inside you."

Jesse's voice deepened as he listed all the things that he wanted to do. With each word Brennan could feel the anticipation grow, he wanted Jesse to touch him now, wanted to feel those hands on his body. Needed to be one with his lover. Without the option of speech all he could do was writhe against the bed, grinding his ass against the silky sheets beneath him.

Feeling the bed dip below him, Brennan tensed, not knowing what would be touched next. His skin goose bumped, waiting for the next sensation.  Suddenly he could feel the ghost of a touch sliding over his calf, a touch that intensified in strength until Jesse was running his hand down the full length of Brennan's leg. Jesse varied the strokes, hard, soft, long short but all fell short of Brennan's cock, something that was making him mad with lust.

Distracted by these strokes Brennan had no warning before a warm mouth latched onto his nipple, only Jesse's hand pressed hard against Brennan's mouth silenced the moan that he gave, as his nipple was licked and sucked until it stood hard to attention. Leaving Brennan's leg Jesse moved to the other nipple while his hands began to stroke Brennan's stomach.

"I love touching you so much, I hardly know where to start, maybe here on your stomach, or here in the crook of your arm, I know that it drives you wild to be touched there. Or how about just here."

The touch of Jesse's tongue nearly blew Brennan's mind. The blonde mutant seemed to have a fascination with Brennan's tattoo's often licking and stroking them while in the middle of a sex session. Brennan felt sweat slide down his face as his whole body became heated with lust. Jesse was stroking and licking him over every piece of available skin, driving him wild. He was unable to stop moaning any more, the sounds driven from his body with every touch from Jesse. The urge to come was almost painful, making him grind his hips towards where he though Jesse was.

"Easy there babe, I'm going to let you come soon, just not yet. Do you know how hard you've made me? All I want to do now is fuck you, thrust into that tight ass of yours. You make me feel so good Brennan, I want you, I need you now. Just give me a second and I'm going to take you."

Jesse sounded as breathless as Brennan, words spat out between tortured breaths. Brennan could feel drips of sweat drop on him from where Jesse stood above; he could imagine how he looked, flushed with hair sticking to his forehead. Eyes dilated dark with desire, mouth swollen and red. Frustrated at not being able to move Brennan forced himself to rest, assured that Jesse would soon keep his promise and take him.

"I'm going to untie your legs a little Bren."

Brennan felt the ties on his ankles loosen and pulled his legs closed. Within seconds he felt Jesse crawl onto the bed pushing in-between his legs, then firmly pushing at Brennan's thighs so he lay spayed open, ass easily available.

"Brennan, if I thought you looked good before, you should see yourself now. I've never seen such a wanton sight as you lying like that, open for me."

A flush swept Brennan's face at Jesse's words. He found compliments hard to take after years of being called useless my his parents, but Jesse had began to repair that damage with his actions of respect and love. Tensing slightly as a finger brushed against his anus, Brennan let his body relax, knowing that the climax that had been building in him would soon come crashing down. Preparation was minimal, and soon Brennan could feel Jesse kneel between his legs.

"I'm going to fuck you now Bren. I said that I'd make you scream and I'm going to. I'm going to fuck you again and again until you beg me to stop. I'm going to show you who you belong to, make you feel that you're mine. When you walk you'll know that I've marked and claimed you. When you sit you'll feel my love and passion."

Senses reaching outwards Brennan listened as Jesse moved closer, he felt the heat of his body, the smell of pre come, until finally he felt Jesse's cock just touch his entrance. Clenching his hands on the scarves that tied him, Brennan felt his whole body react as with one hard thrust Jesse pushed his way into him. Every inch of his skin felt bathed in flames, sensation running up and down his body. His ass felt filled and fiery hot, Jesse's cock brutal inside of him. He felt Jesse pull out slightly before slamming in again, hard and fast. The pace was frantic, Jesse had promised to make him scream and Brennan knew that soon he would. The pounding he was taking was incredible, above he could hear Jesse groan and mutter nonsense words.

"Love you Bren, love fuckin you, you're so pretty, love you. Gonna make you scream, gonna do it now."

With a slight twist of his hips Jesse was now thrusting against Brennan's prostrate, sending white-hot shoots of pleasure through his body. Feeling the scream of pleasure building he franticly began thrusting up, desperate to rub his own cock against anything that would bring completion. Brennan needed to come, as the pain/pleasure of the cock ring began to throw him into oblivion.

"Let me do that for you babe, I think you've lasted long enough. Scream for me Brennan"

The release of the leather from Brennan's cock was all it took to plunge him head first into orgasm. Feeling the gush of come flow from him followed quickly by the scalding heat in his bowels as Jesse came after him finally pushed Brennan over the edge. He screamed… loudly.

Coming aware enough to look around once more Brennan opened his eyes to discover the blindfold and ties had been removed. Jesse lay curled next to him in his bed, eyes open and sparkling in the moonlight.


A wide smile split Jesse's face as he greeted Brennan,

"Hi yourself"

Surprised at his hoarse voice, Brennan grinned when he remembered that Jesse had made good his promise, he's made him scream.

"Thank you."

Jesse looked surprised,

"For what?"

"For tonight, I loved it, love you so much."

Leaning forward Jesse gave Brennan a lingering kiss on his lips,

"Yeah I know, love you too. Think you can sleep now?"

"No worries about that Jess, you staying?"

"Try to make me leave, now shush we have a long day tomorrow."

Giving one last chaste kiss to Jesse's cheek Brennan curled himself more comftably. His throat ached, his ass was sore and his legs and arms felt stretched and heavy, but he wouldn't change anything at all. Right now life was perfect.