sexy pretty boy

Safe -- Very short. Jesse watches Brennan in bed.

Shower Fun -- PWP

Need -- Brennan misses Jesse.

The Gentle Touch -- PWP.

Come Back Around -- Based on the Feeder song of the same name.

Russian Roulette Missing Scene -- Just what it says. No sex in this one folks...gasp!

The Luckiest Man -- Blade, pizza, and a big bed. What could be better?

Beneath the Moonlight -- Brennan, Jesse, new years eve. A snap shot scene.

Watching -- Jesse wants to try something new.

The Tease -- Brennan teaches Jesse a lesson

Secrets -- Jesse discovers some things about Brennan

Madness -- Very short drabble. Things have changed for Emma.

Casting off the Cloak -- Kink dom/sub role play for Brennan and Jesse. If you don't like such things, please don't read.

Simple -- Jesse doesn't realise how simple it is.

Don't Speak -- Jesse's in charge. ( Mild kink)

The Cycles Series

Locked in a Cycle -- Shoot off from Hard Time. Jesse examines the dynamics of his and Brennan's relationship. Warning, this is not a happy story. If Evil!Jesse squicks you, don't read.

The Journey Back -- Sequel to Locked in a Cycle. Jesse's in a downward cycle. Can he stop himself or will someone have to intervene? Again abusive situations. If that bothers you, please don't read.


Created on ... April 29, 2003