Casting off the Cloak

Stopping in front of a huge ornate mirror, Brennan critically checked his appearance. Examining the hang of his deep blue silk shirt, and the tightness of his pants - leather -- but so soft and supple, allowing him to move with his usual languid grace. A silver hoop hung from one ear, catching the light through strands of his dark hair. Matching the bracelet that encircled his wrist, and the necklace from which a Caduceus hung.

The symbol was pewter; solid, weighty, symbolising the person that meant more to him than anything -- his teammate, his friend and tonight, his sub Jesse. Brennan thought the Caduceus represented their relationship perfectly, the link between the two entwined snakes and the double helix of DNA obvious to those in the know, while also showing other club members that he was a man to be respected, one of the full members at Club Heaven.

Club Heaven, a place full of powerful men and women, the major players, their combined worth billions. But once through the heavy front doors none of that mattered. No one had titles or jobs, hell you didn’t have to have a name if you didn’t want one, you could be anything you wanted, do anything that you liked. No one would look, or stare, or make comments. It was perfect for those walking the kinkier side of life, like Brennan and Jesse, and many other people who inhabited the shadowy rooms and alcoves.

At a million dollars a year membership it certainly wasn’t cheap to join, but using Jesse’s trust fund, and his savings from years of not so legal business details, they managed. Despite the cost the two men couldn’t think of not using the club now, it was such an important part of their lives, the part that most people didn’t see, the part that had to come out and play on a regular basis. Outside they were Brennan and Jesse, inside Dom and sub, and that was just the way that they wanted it.

Now, after a too long absence chasing New Mutants, Brennan was back at the place that he loved so much, knowing that Jesse -- his sub -- would be waiting, ready to transport him to his own private heaven. Living in such close proximity to three other people they rarely managed time to act out this fantasy, it meant that every visit to the club was treasured; every minute spent there a joy. When life became too hard, too many fights, too many crazies to defeat they would retreat to the safety of the club. Redefine their roles, their position and importance to one another -- it kept them sane, and if they ever felt like going over the edge, just feeling the symbols that adorned both of their bodies would help bring them back.

With a last quick look in the mirror, Brennan pushed open the doors to the main room, eyes quickly adjusting to the darkness. The room was filled with people, men and women, no one caring if people were naked, or a man was led round the room on a leash by a dominatrix dressed in head to toe black leather. Waiting until the lady and her ‘pet’ walked past the door, Brennan nodded at the fellow Dom, admiring the flexing ass of the sub complete with butt plug adorned with a longhaired tail that brushed the floor.

Further in a woman lay spread eagled on a velvet-covered table, groaning as two men sucked on her nipples, while a naked woman ate out her pussy with noisy abandon. It was an erotic sight, one that Brennan would have stopped to enjoy, if he didn’t have his own wet fantasy waiting in one of the shadowy alcoves. Knowing that Jesse would be waiting for him -- naked but for his collar that Brennan had fastened before he left Sanctuary -- was enough to make Brennan hurry across the room. Bypassing heaving groups of people having group sex, a man who was spanking his sub with a large wooden paddle and one Dom who was fucking his sub with harsh thrusts on a chair.

Approaching the alcove that he thought of as theirs, Brennan mentally dropped into ‘Dom mode’. The change was swift, after so many years he could quickly switch, and he imagined he could feel the change take place, feeling taller, stronger, more authorative within seconds. Fingering his Caduceus, he felt excitement build as he entered the alcove, to see Jesse kneeling in the submission position; arms spread forwards, neck totally exposed. Seeing him that way was always a beautiful sight for Brennan, knowing that Jesse would submit totally to him, trusting him implicitly. It was the ultimate turn on.

"He’s looking hot tonight."

Turning, Brennan met the gaze of one of the other Dom’s, who stood admiring Jesse, his sub kneeling at his feet. Knowing the man by sight, Brennan acknowledged his words with a smile, knowing the man was no threat.

"Yeah, he is. He’s going to look even better soon, you should see him sucking cock, those lips do things that could blow your mind."

"You mind an audience?"

Considering, Brennan looked from the man to Jesse. Being sucked with an audience added another element to their play, an element that they enjoyed occasionally. But did he want that tonight? Looking at Jesse again with calculating eyes, Brennan saw how the blonde fought to stay still, legs spread, ass exposed. It had been too long for them both, and he could tell that tonight would be a pleasure for both. Why shouldn’t they have an audience?

"Be my guest." Indicating the chair opposite his own, Brennan waited until the other Dom was settled, with his sub at his feet, before entering the alcove himself. Walking past Jesse, he stooped a little -- running his fingers along Jesse’s spine -- using just enough electricity to gently jolt not shock. Stopping at the crease of the ass, Brennan removed his hand, pleased at Jesse’s low moan of disappointment.

"You liked that pet? Please me and you might get more. But first, as you no doubt heard, we’ve an audience tonight. I told him how good you were at sucking cock, how good those pretty lips feel. Now I want you to prove it. You know what to do, do it, now, and no coming yourself"

With graceful movements, Jesse shifted until he was kneeling, steadily lowering the zipper on Brennan’s pants. The feel of Jesse’s hands brushing against his groin made Brennan shiver, clutching his hands into fists to help stay still as he felt his pants pulled down. Jesse’s breath ghosted across his sensitised skin, then -- seconds later -- he felt a hot tongue lick slowly down the length of his cock, so slow, so deliberate. It was driving Brennan crazy within seconds, as Jesse alternated quick and slow movements, one barely there touch at the head, followed by a unhurried lick. The feeling was intense, pushing him hurriedly towards orgasm. Barely holding on, the control was ripped away when Jesse took his cock fully into his mouth, deep throating him with practice ease. Engulfed in that hot moist mouth, Brennan couldn’t stop himself coming -- didn’t want to stop himself coming -- climaxing with a strangled groan, as Jesse swallowed rapidly.

"That was good, you make me feel great every time." Running his hand through Jesse’s hair as his pants were pulled up and fastened, Brennan couldn’t help smiling. Jesse looked so decadant, lips swollen and damp, pupils dilated, the blue just a thin ring of colour. Bending, Brennan pulled Jesse up towards him, holding his face in his hands as he indulged himself with a lengthy kiss. Showing Jesse with action just how much he desired and adored him. Pulling back, Brennan couldn’t help notice how hard Jesse was, his cock leaking pre come, foreskin rolled back from the swollen head. Admiring the control Jesse had in not allowing himself to come, Brennan knew that he should allow Jesse his release --should, but wouldn’t.

Knowing his Sub needed to descend into his own headspace, Brennan picked up the bag that Jesse had brought in earlier, rummaging through the contents until he found a leather cock-ring. Desire flooded his body again when Jesse moaned at the sight, the other man knowing that release wouldn’t come anytime soon. Fingering the strip of leather, Brennan slipped it over Jesse’s cock and balls, pulling it tight.

"Assume the waiting position, I’m going to get a drink, maybe I’ll be back soon, maybe not." Satisfied when Jesse dropped back onto his knees, legs spread, hands upwards, Brennan met the knowing eyes of his fellow Dom. "Care to join me? Your Sub will be safe here, or bring him too. Then you’re welcome to come back."

"Don’t mind if I do. Your boy has the most delicious lips; I’ll enjoy seeing what you get him to do next. I’ll take Quinn with me though, he’s new at this, under constant inspection"

"Great, come on then, you can tell me all about your boy, we’ll share tips and a cold one.

" Allowing the two to precede him, Brennan bent over until his head was level with Jesse’s. "Wait here and think what will happen when I come back, how I’m gonna take you in front of those two, my cock in your tight ass. You like that idea I can tell." Idly running a finger across Jesse’s cock head, Brennan allowed just a touch of electricity to generate, just enough to cause Jesse to shudder, caught between pain and pleasure. "Remember, think of what I’m gonna do when I get back, but no moving."


With that last command, Brennan left, leaving Jesse quivering in position. Every nerve seemed to be super charged, body on the verge of overload just from that one touch. It had been so long since they’d been able to do this, since he’d been able to descend into his Sub mindset. It was a place that he had to visit, to give up all control, let others make every decision for him.

After battling with Mutant X it was a relief to enter the club, knowing that the only thing that would be expected of him was to obey Brennan, his Dom, to give and receive pleasure. Jesse trusted Brennan totally, knew nothing would be done to him that he didn’t like, he also knew what ever happened in this place stayed here. This relationship, as pleasurable as it was, would never work in Sanctuary, not when they lived and worked with so many people. Club Heaven was aptly named, for them it was heaven.

At this particular moment heaven for Jesse was kneeling in position, legs burning a little, the taste of Brennan in his mouth. His cock felt huge, needy. The need to stroke himself was almost too much, relieve the pressure in his aching balls, but he wouldn’t. Had learned that hard way that to disobey Brennan was a bad thing to do, the last time he hadn’t been able to sit comfortably for days after the punishment session with the paddle. Brennan mad was a scary thing to see, his Dom mad was beyond scary.

The feel of his collar was comforting, snug and warm against his skin. They’d chosen it together when they’d decided to embrace this lifestyle whenever possible. Visiting speciality shop after shop until they’d found exactly the right one, then standing hand in hand while it was customised to their exact specifications, a Caduceus etched into it’s surface. Brennan had also held his hand when that symbol was tattooed on his hip, not for the pain, compared to what they experienced day after day that was nothing. But for the simple need to touch as their relationship was made visual to everyone that knew what to see. That day had been perfect, one that Jesse would remember for a long time, and one that he would recall every time that he felt the collar at his throat.

Shifting slightly, Jesse wondered how long his Dom would be gone; it could range from hours to minutes. However long it was, Jesse would use the time as he was told, thinking of what would happen when Brennan returned, how he would be fucked, and he would be, the only thing to wonder was, how. Breathing deeply, Jesse began to centre himself, letting his mind go free. It was liberating in the extreme, and Jesse treasured every minute.


Relaxed after half an hour’s good conversation, Brennan was eager to get back to his alcove. Returning with his companion he let them settle in their chair once more, before approaching Jesse. The other man was still in the waiting position, motionless and serene, and still, Brennan noted, hard as rock. Deciding it was time to end that, Brennan sat in the chair, beckoning for Jesse to stand and join him.

"Stand, show your beautiful body to me and our guest, then sit with me, I want to feel you"

Watching the flex of muscles in Jesse’s body as he stood and slowly turned, Brennan could feel himself grow hard once again. Jesse had one of the best bodies that he’d seen, not as built as his own, but compact with obvious strength. Add in those luscious lips and blonde hair and he was just perfect, and Brennan wanted to touch him -- now.

Grabbing Jesse’s hand, Brennan pulled him close, and with a quick tug pulled him onto his lap. Letting his hands roam, Brennan indulged himself touching Jesse, stroking across his chest, kissing his neck, dipping his head and sucking one nipple at a time. Tormenting until Jesse was a breathless quivering heap, and they were both hard. Panting slightly, Brennan knew he had to end this session soon. As turned on as he was, Jesse would be in an even worse state, prevented from release both by the cock ring and Brennan’s own command, a command that he would never break.

"Move to the wall now, face forward, legs apart. Stay like that so we can see you, no moving. Then I’m gonna fuck you, so hard and so long that you’ll feel me for days."

Reacting immediately, Jesse stood and moved to the far wall, assuming the position that he’d been told. Standing, Brennan removed his own pants, never taking his eyes from the erotic sight in front of him. Needing to plunge between those cheeks, take what was his. Removing his shirt too, Brennan felt no shame standing naked in front of near strangers. Everyone in this place understood, nakedness wasn’t an issue. Finally, unable to wait any longer, he prowled towards the wall, eying his target. Jesse was his and he intended to take him -- body and soul.

The first touch was electric, but not by anything generated by Brennan. The current between them was potent, as he pressed against Jesse’s back, skin against skin, both heated and flushed with flaming desire. Trailing kisses down Jesse’s spine, Brennan stopped at the crease of his ass, letting his fingers finish the journey, discovering that Jesse was lubed ready for him.

"You prepared yourself for me. Do you know how hot that makes me feel? You finger fucking yourself, did you use two fingers, three? Did you think of me as your slid your fingers in your ass, knowing that I was gonna fuck you tonight." Feeling Jesse begin to shake, Brennan knew he couldn’t wait any longer. Bracing himself against the wall, he wriggled until he felt his cock slide towards Jesse’s hole, then confident due to a long familiarity he pressed home, pushing forward with a savage thrust.

Jesse grunted as he was breached, the sound seemingly travelling straight to Brennan’s cock as he skid in and out, the rhythm fast and furious, as he took what he needed in harsh strokes. Sweat beaded on both their bodies as Brennan continued his rapid pace, fucking Jesse hard. It was a fierce pace, and one that couldn’t last for long. Feeling the tension build, Brennan knew he couldn’t last much longer, so reaching down a hand between their joined bodies, he deftly removed the cock ring, hissing in Jesse’s ear.

"Come now."

And he did -- they both did -- Jesse howling his release as Brennan collapsed against him, only the wall keeping them upright. Finally, strength returning, they pulled apart, turning to their appreciative audience, as Brennan wrapped his arms round Jesse, so they stood chest to back, sweaty, tired but exhilarated. Lightly kissing the top of Jesse’s head, Brennan acknowledged the discreet retreat of the others with a smile, knowing that they needed to wind down alone. Change from being Dom and Sub to being Brennan and Jesse once more. It was a change that was inevitable, but one thing would always be constant. They loved one another, that would never change.