Pairing: B/J.

Summary: Based around the episode 'The Grift' Jesse doesn't realise how simple it is.

Warning: None

Notes: Written for JenCat's birthday.


"Come on. Just this once, I'm getting desperate here, and you'll have fun."

Jesse kept moving his fingers across the keyboard, not even looking up as Brennan tried to persuade him to double date. "I've told you. One, I don't want to go out tonight. Two, even if I did I wouldn't want to date someone you picked."

Brennan made a sound halfway between disgust and amusement, then grabbed the chair, spinning it round so Jesse faced him. "C'mon Jess. One, you haven't been out for days, you're turning old before your time, and two, I've great taste in women."

"Yeah, if you like con women and killers." Swinging his chair back, Jesse pulled the keyboard back in place and started typing again.

Brennan tensed as Jesse's words hit "That was low Jesse. I'll find someone else to have fun with. You stay here with your facts and figures."

 Without another word Brennan moved away, and Jesse stopped typing, the words he'd just spat out taking meaning in his mind. "Hey, Brennan, stop I didn't mean…"  realizing that Brennan had gone, Jesse sighed and sunk down in his seat a little. "I didn't mean it."

"Didn't mean what?"

Jesse jumped as something thumped against his shoulder. "Don't do that!" Abandoning the typing as a lost job, he turned to look at Shalimar who stood behind him, smiling at making him jump. "Brennan. I sort of…well offended him by questioning his choice of women."

"And? He's used to getting teased about that."

"I mentioned Lorna and Becky."

"Ouch." Shalimar's smile faded. "What the hell were you thinking Jesse?"

"I wasn't." Rubbing at his eyes, Jesse tried to explain. "He wanted me to double date, and I had this stuff to finish. I tried to tell him that I couldn't go, but he wouldn't listen, just went on about how I never go out anymore. I didn't mean to bring them up."

"Well you did."  Pushing a pile of discs aside, Shalimar sat on the desk, cross-legged and looked down at Jesse. "Now fix it."

"Why? He was the one bothering me when I was busy."

"Bullshit!" Sliding from the desk, Shalimar stood over Jesse, mouth tight as she indicated the computer with a sweep of her hand. "That could have waited, I know it, you know it, no doubt Brennan knows it too. It's about time you took that stick out of your ass and did something productive instead of moping around Sanctuary."

"Moping?" I'm not moping, I've been busy that's all. Someone has to keep the database current. Then Adam wants things looked up, and…"

Shalimar pressed her hand across Jesse's mouth, cutting his protest off mid word. "You know that I love you. I'd do anything for you, but Jesse, I'm seconds away from kicking your ass just now. " Taking her hand away, Shalimar's look dared Jesse to talk, and she grinned when he remained silent, glaring at her. "Lets start again shall we? None of that is important, and even if it was you're not the only one that can work the computer. You've been moping for long enough. Now go and say sorry to Brennan, and while you're there do something about this crush you've got. Either fuck him or get over it."

Heart plummeting to his stomach, Jesse couldn't move, frozen in place, Shalimar's words echoing thorough his head. "What…" voice squeaking embarrassingly, Jesse swallowed hard, forcing saliva down his dry throat. "I don't have a crush on Brennan."

Openly laughing, Shalimar reached for Jesse's hand. "Tell that to someone that isn't a new mutant Jess. Between you and Brennan Emma's had to take more cold showers this last month than her whole life."

"Wait. She told you? Isn't that some violation of the psyonic code or something?"

"I made her tell me, and there is no code. She was blushing every time she looked at you two, I was beginning to think she wanted a threesome or something." Pulling Jesse to his feet, Shalimar started to pull him away from the computer. " I cornered her in her room, it took a while but she needed to talk to someone. Not that I blame her, some of the things she was getting hits about were pretty wild. Talking of which…" Shalimar stopped, and looked up at Jesse. "…handcuffs, chocolate spread and a feather duster? Do I really want to know?"

Heat burned Jesse's cheeks and he fought against the urge to sink through the floor in embarrassment -- literally.

Grabbing Jesse's hand again, Shalimar started pulling him along again. "No, don't tell me. You'll ruin my mental image." Shalimar giggled, and Jesse felt a little better when he saw the faint blush on her own face, that was until he looked around.

"Wait, Shal. I don't think I can do this." Refusing to be pulled anymore, Jesse stood in place, the realization that he was outside Brennan's bedroom making his heart beat wildly. "I can't go in there. I'll apologize later, as for the rest, just keep that between you and me, and uh Emma."

Shalimar seemed undecided looking from the door to Jesse and back again. Then decision apparently made, she gathered Jesse into a hug. Arms tight round his waist she kissed him once on the cheek then stared at him seriously. "I can't do that. You've been isolating yourself lately because you finally admitted to yourself you loved him, and you think he doesn't love you. You've been pushing Brennan away and he doesn't understand why. He thinks he's offended you somehow."

"He's never said anything."

"Well he wouldn't would he? He's Brennan, Mr. Independent. Add in he's a guy, and guys generally don't share how they feel and you end up with two men with their wires crossed, one pissed off feral stuck in the middle and one horny woman dealing with impulses that aren't even hers. That's not good Jess."

"I'm sorry." Pulling Shalimar closer, Jesse kissed the top of her head. "I'll try and fix things. Wait, how do you know I love him. I understand the sex part, but how did you know the rest?"

"I know you Jesse." Breaking the hug, Shalimar stepped back. "I've known you for so long now, I could tell you'd fallen in love I just didn't know who with until Emma explained. I'm pleased for you, it won't be easy but you'll be good for each other. That's why I have to do this."  Rapping hard on Brennan's door, Shalimar smiled and prepared to leave. "You'll be fine."

Confused and trying to take in everything Shalimar had said, Jesse just stood looking at Brennan when he opened the door.

"What do you want Jesse? You thought of another woman to mention?"

"I'm sorry." It seemed the only thing to say, and Jesse forced himself to meet Brennan's eyes, trying to transmit how sorry he really was. Brennan stared back, and Jesse shivered a little as he realized how closed off Brennan was, how dull his eyes seemed to be. "I shouldn't have said that."

Brennan seemed to think for a few seconds, then sighed as he started to go back in his room. "It's okay. I deserved it anyway. I should have left you alone. Anyway, I'm staying in now so I won't bother you any more."

Realizing that he was about to be shut out, Jesse grabbed for the door, preventing Brennan from closing it. "Wait. Don't. Just let me talk."

"I said it was okay Jesse."

"No, it's not. Look, listen to me. I'm sorry, not just for now, for everything. I've had some issues to work through lately." Watching Brennan, Jesse could tell he was still on the verge of disappearing into his room. Jesse needed to stop that, but knew words wouldn't be enough. Gathering all his courage, Jesse invaded Brennan's personal space, then, standing on tip toes stretched up and kissed him on the lips. Brennan felt warm, his lips soft and pliant. Fighting against deepening the kiss, Jesse moved back, disappointed when Brennan didn't stop him and just stood as if in shock. "I'm sorry…I thought you felt the same. I'll. I'll just go now." Stunned at his rash actions, Jesse prepared to flee, then stopped when he felt Brennan's hand round his arm.

"Wait. Jesse, just wait okay. You can't kiss me and run." Tightening his hold, Brennan pulled Jesse towards him. "I think we need to talk." Nodding, Jesse followed him into his room, sitting on the bed when Brennan indicated that he sit. "You've been giving me the cold shoulder for days, then you kiss me. I'm confused okay."

As Brennan paced his room, Jesse began to feel better than he had for weeks.  It was obvious that Brennan felt something for him, he just had to be persuaded to act on those feeling. "Join the club. I just had a pep talk from our resident feral. She told me to either get over this crush I have or fuck you."

"What?" Brennan squeaked a little and Jesse laughed at the knowledge it wasn't only him that could sound like that. "Shalimar thinks you should fuck me?"

"Yeah, she surprised me too." Jesse looked sideways as Brennan sat on the bed next to him. "Apparently Emma's been getting hits from us, about. You know. Sex." Looking at Brennan's red face, Jesse decided the part about the handcuffs, chocolate sauce and feather duster would be better left unsaid.

"Do you?"

Lost a little, Jesse tried to think what Brennan meant. "Do I what?"

"Want to fuck me?"

Embarrassed, Jesse picked at the comforter. "Do you want me to?"

"That's not what I asked Jesse."

Unsure how to answer, Jesse looked at Brennan, trying to find the correct answer in his face as the elemental stared back. Finally, courage gathered Jesse went for broke. "Yes. Yes I want to fuck you. I want to bend you over the bed and sink into you. I want to suck on your cock until you explode in my mouth. I want to bite your neck and leave a mark so everyone knows that you're mine. I want to lick every inch of your body and trace your tattoos with my tongue then do it all again."

"So why don't you?"

Jesse smiled a little as Brennan's words sank in. "I didn't know if you felt the same. It could get all complicated and I don't want that."

"What's complicated about it?" Moving so their bodies touched at the thigh, Brennan reached for Jesse's hand and held it on his lap. "I love you. You love me…"

"So help you Brennan, if you're quoting Barney songs at me now…"

"Well I was going to say that means things shouldn't be complicated, but if you like… We're a happy family. With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you. Won't you say you love me too?"

Tears of laughter trailing down his face, Jesse knew no one would ever believe that Brennan would ever serenade him with a Barney song while holding his hand. "Brennan, stop. I get what you mean now. There's nothing complicated about it.

"Too right. Now that's settled, I think someone owes me something."

"You're okay with that. With where this is going?"

Brennan smiled a little, and squeezed Jesse's hand a little tighter. "I'm fine with this. Seriously, I want you so bad, and I think I'm close to adoring you. You're like. You're my friend, but so much more."

The admission warmed Jesse, causing his heart to swell as he brushed his free hand through Brennan's hair, letting his fingers trail past his ears then down to his lips, gasping a little as Brennan kissed his fingers, all the while staring at him, eyes dark, as if he could see Jesse's soul. "I adore you too Brennan."

Still holding tight to Jesse's hand, Brennan lay down on the bed, looking up with eyes that sparkled in the light. Watching him, Jesse's breath caught, Brennan was so beautiful, all power and heart bound in a stunning body and gorgeous face. Jesse wanted to touch, to stroke and feel that body, taste his skin and press up close. But not yet. Trailing his hand down Brennan's shoulder, Jesse ghosted across the dip of his collar bone, fingers sliding under the neck of Brennan's t-shirt.

"Come here." Pulling at Jesse's hand, Brennan gasped as Jesse half fell on his body. "Heavy much."

"You complaining?"


"Then be quiet." Concentrating, Jesse pressed his leg between Brennan's thighs, happy when Brennan opened them wide. Squirming so he lay on top, Jesse pressed his groin against Brennan's, groaning a little at the pressure from the hard body underneath. Finally, Brennan released his hand, and Jesse used both to his advantage, pushing under the hem of Brennan's t-shirt, tracing across defined abs. "Hands up." Nudging Brennan's arms, Jesse pulled his t-shirt off, flinging it across the room, his own following seconds later.

Wiggling Jesse sat astride Brennan's stomach, legs stretched as he bent to lick Brennan's neck, trailing down until he reached a nipple, sucking it into his mouth. Brennan made soft sounds and pressed his head back, hands tangled in the sheets he was holding. Pleased with the reaction, Jesse sucked harder then swapped to the other nipple as he traced patterns across Brennan's sides, soft skin under his hands. "Lets take these off."  Rolling from Brennan's body, Jesse stood on legs that shook a little. He sucked in a breath as the sight of Brennan stretched wantonly on the bed, lips swollen and wet. Jumping on one leg, Jesse pushed off his shoes then pulled his pants free, kicking them across the room. Then naked, he reached for Brennan's jeans button, undoing the fly with clumsy fingers.

Brennan arched up, and Jesse pulled the jeans down throwing them towards the growing pile in the corner, his shorts following within seconds. "God you're beautiful" Jesse couldn't stop the words, didn't want to.

"Thank you." Brennan had no false modesty. Accepted the compliment for what it was. "I think we're in the middle of something though." Preening a little under Jesse's gaze, Brennan motioned towards his bedside cabinet. "There's lube in the drawer."

"Okay. Lube, I'm going to fuck you?" Everything suddenly seemed real to Jesse, all his fantasies becoming reality as Brennan opened his legs, unashamed as he watched Jesse walk round the bed.

"That's the idea. You still want to right?"

Jesse didn't want that uncertainty in Brennan's voice. "Hell yeah. I want to fuck you so bad." Rummaging in the drawer, Jesse pulled out some astro glide, squirting a blob in his hand as he kneeled on the bed. Hand slick Jesse reached for Brennan's cock, making a fist round it, stroking firmly and easily, his own cock hardening more than he thought possible as he listened to Brennan moan under his breath. Hoping that Brennan would understand what he meant, Jesse asked "Can I?" and almost felt dizzy when Brennan opened his legs wider in response.

Fingers still slick, Jesse started to kiss Brennan, small light kisses as he stretched down, fingers reaching for Brennan's entrance, touch unsure at first, then more confident as he eased a finger inside where it was all hot and tight.

Brennan mumbled, words soft and mixed with deep breaths as Jesse maneuvered his body until he was kneeling over him, still dropping gentle kisses on his lips as his finger coated him with lube. "Ready?" Brennan nodded in reply and Jesse moved again, until his cock brushed against Brennan and he nudged against him, as he deepened his kisses, sucking on Brennan's tongue while holding himself up on steady arms. Brennan moaned against his mouth and Jesse kissed him frantically as he pushed inside, almost breathing for him when Brennan tensed against the pain of entrance. Jesse stilled when he pushed past the ring of muscle, could feel the fast gasps of air against his lips as Brennan rode out the pain, then moved again when his body relaxed.

It was a slow fuck, all unhurried movements and deep thrusts as Jesse used every trick that he'd learned to control his body, to keep himself on the edge as he pushed deep inside, so slick as he slid easily in and out. He stared down into Brennan's eyes, getting off on the pleasure he could see in his face, the way Brennan bit at his lower lip, and how hair stuck to his forehead with sweat. Jesse wanted it to last forever, but it was too good, and his control began to slip and he pounded harder. Hard thrusts that pushed Brennan up the bed slightly, as he closed his eyes. "You can do more."

Permission granted, Jesse let himself go, letting all his strength free as he dropped onto Brennan's body, biting at his neck as he slammed into him, their bodies close everywhere but the groins. Biting harder, he licked at droplets of blood and shuddered as Brennan whimpered deep in his throat, and clenched at his back with desperate strength, fingers digging deep. It was too much and Jesse muffled a scream against Brennan's flesh as he came, biting harder as he felt Brennan come, wet heat seeping between their bodies.

Limp, Jesse used the last of his strength to pull out of Brennan, flopping next to him on the bed. He felt fantastic, but all he could think of was the faint taste of blood in his mouth. "I'm sorry."

"I'm not. That was fantastic Jesse."

Surprised, Jesse propped himself on one elbow, using gentle fingers to trace the bite on Brennan's neck." I bit you. I shouldn't have done that."

"Why? I said you could. I could have stopped you. I didn't."

"It's not that simple Brennan."

"It is Jesse. I liked it. Things are only complicated if you make them that way. Now you go get a washcloth and we'll clean up then go get something to eat. Then you'll sleep with me tonight."

"That simple eh?"

"That simple Jesse. Now you going to do what I suggested or shall I sing to you again?"

"God, anything but that!" Laughing, Jesse stood up and started for the bathroom. Changing his mind he bent and kissed Brennan again, amused when Brennan shuddered under his touch. Maybe it was that simple after all.