Marking Jesse

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Pairing: Brennan/Jesse

Rating: NC-17

Status: Complete

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Summary: Brennan marks Jesse as his after Lexa makes a play for him.

Warnings: none

Notes: This take place after the season premier "Into the Moonless Night." But it is not episode related. I don't like Lexa real well but maybe she well grow on me. I wanted to take some of the emotions that the other three remaining Mutant X team and see where it would go. I think they don't trust her.


I hear footsteps from behind me. I smile. In my computer monitor I see my lover. The dark hair, brown eyes and knowing smile appears before me. Brennan leans down and gives my neck a kiss and nip. I lean into the touch forgetting that Lexa is on the other computer helping me input some data we
had gathered earlier. Brennan had obviously forgot that Lexa is in the room too. Maybe there is a reason behind this. I know he would have seen her there when he walked in. I turn slightly to let Brennan have better access to my neck.

He nibbles down my neck while shoving his hands under my t-shirt. I moan at his actions. Neither one of us is caring that there is another person in the room. I lean my head against Brennan's broad chest to give him better access to my face and neck. I moan again as he strokes along the skin of my chest and abdomen. As he strokes along my chest, he pinches my nipples into hard peaks. I writhe a little under his touch and want him to do more to me. Brennan swings my chair around so that I am facing him. That's when I get a view of Brennan. He is totally naked. I must have looked dumb struck because he smirks at me. I reach out to touch that luscious body but he just dodges me. I smile and beckon him to come to me. Brennan shakes his dark head and motions for me to keep my hands to myself. That's going to be hard to do. Usually I am a participant in our lovemaking sessions.

Brennan's eyes twinkle as he goes back to is making my body sing. He lifts his head briefly and winks. I suppose he is winking at Lexa because she is still behinds us at the computer area. Brennan spreads my legs and kneels between them to unsnap my jeans. He unsnaps and unzips my jeans and slowly takes them off. He smiles up at me and then gets to his feet to take off my shirt. As he strips my shirt off, Brennan kisses his way down my chest and abdomen to my cock. I lean back more to let Brennan have access to both my cock and balls. He doesn't immediately go for the invitation. My beautiful lover takes a detour and kisses his way down my legs. He takes each toe into his mouth and sucks on them which make me gasp with pleasure. He stands back up and kisses his way down my arms to my hands and fingers that he gives a thorough bath to. I sigh on a shaky breath as Brennan continues his ministrations.

As I am panting, Brennan takes my hand and helps me from my chair and leads me to the couch in the living area. He gently pushes me down onto the couch and then joins me there where he continues his lovemaking. Brennan pushes himself up on his arms to look down at me. His chocolaty brown eyes have darkened with his passion. I reach a hand towards his body and graze a hand down his chest towards his erection which is proudly pointing straight at me. He sucks in a breath and shifts positions so that I can't touch him. He lavishes those chocolates orbs on me for a mere second and then settles his
full, lush lips over my cock. I buck my hips at the sensations that he is causing. Brennan is a wonderful lover. He licks, nips, and sucks my length. When he feels that I am getting close he stops and starts to prepare me for his cock. He puts my legs up and spreads them as far as they will go so that he has access to my entrance. He finds the lube and inserts one finger. I thrust and moan as that one finger invades me and thrusts and rubs my sweet spot. I feel him inserting another finger and then I have to grab onto the couch because of the wonderful sensations that are traveling through my
body. Brennan inserts a third finger and I can't stand anymore. I am chanting for more and Brennan hears me. I look up through passion-hazed eyes and see Brennan slowly enter me. He stops for a moment to let me adjust to him and then he thrusts into me.

He thrusts while he takes my cock into his hand. He angles each thrust to hit my prostrate and times the rhythms to allow us both to come at the same time. I can feel my orgasm come closer and know that Brennan must be near his. I let out a strangled cry and then Brennan comes close behind me. He collapses on top of me and I wrap my arms around him and hold him there. After a few minutes I release him so that he can withdraw from me and when he does I wrap myself around him again. We lay there and drift off to sleep. I can't remember the afghan on us but I feel snuggly and warm with both the cover and my lover wrapped around me.

It seemed like we stayed like that all night but it was only a few hours. Brennan was kissing me awake. I smiled and accepted his kisses and continued to stay wrapped around him. And that's when I remembered Lexa. I broke away from Brennan and looked around for the brunette woman. Not seeing her anywhere I returned Brennan's kisses with an intensity that I thought I had never before. Brennan stood and helped me from the couch and then we headed towards the bedroom that we shared. We were both happy and sated.

We entered the bedroom and went straight back to bed and each other's arms. Unbeknownst to us Shalimar had heard us earlier and was the one that had taken care of us as we slept. I just wonder if Lexa continued or watched the show that Brennan and I gave her.

"Mine." Brennan mumbled as he drifted off to sleep again.

Shalimar stood at the door looking at us. She smiled and shook her head in agreement with what Brennan had stated. Brennan was marking me because Lexa had earlier that day made a play for me. I rebuffed her but I guess Brennan wanted her to know that I was his and that she was not to touch what was his. I had to smile at that. I would never have betrayed Brennan in that way. I love him too much for that. We have come along way in the year that we have been together especially in the last few weeks since Emma's death and Adam's disappearance or death. We don't which one has truly happened to < Adam. I look up at Shalimar to smile at her. She lifts her hand and gives a little wave and leaves.

I hear footsteps and then voices. Lexa has come down the hall to find out what was going on. Shalimar is angry and shouting at the other woman. I wonder if I should go and help out. I don't want to. I feel warm and snuggle down and drift asleep in the knowledge that I am loved by not one but two strong people.

I wake up to a Brennanless bed. I search around the room and see no sign of him. I get up and get dressed. When that is done I go to the kitchen. Brennan is there with Shalimar. They are making us something to eat. Lexa is nowhere insight. Shalimar smiles and Brennan opens his arms to me. I go into them and wrap my arms around his waist. I lean my head on his chest and he bends to kiss me. I lift my face for to receive his kiss. He smiles and shoos me to a stool.

Lexa watches from a nearby doorway. She watches three friends who are comfortable with each other. Shalimar had warned her about Brennan and his protectiveness towards Jesse. She just didn't realize that it went far beyond just that of friends. Last night Shalimar had warned her again. The young woman learned her lesson this time.

Brennan raised his head and gestured for her to enter the room. Lexa was being accepted for now. He smiled and she smiled back.

Jesse watched with interest and then looked at Shalimar. Her face told him nothing. But Jesse knew that her big sister complex had come out last night. He also knew that the show that she and Brennan had put on was for Lexa.

Jesse softly kissed to lips being offered to him and went back to his coffee and breakfast. Shalimar looked on and her face softened as she watched the two before her. Lexa saw the love and joy that the two men had for each other.

Lexa had to admit that Shalimar was right. Brennan and Jesse were made for each other. She wouldn't try to step between them.