I Scream the Body III
Little Vera

Series: Part of the I Scream the Body Series.

Pairing: J/B

Disclaimer: Not mine. Never will be unfortnately.

Archive: Sure, gimme a yell where though.

Notes: It's NC 17. Big huge thanks to Will for the brilliant beta.

Spoilers: Season 2 eps, from the one with Brennan and the vanishing town to Hillview.



"Huh?" Jesse mumbles, doesn't look away from the computer screen.


Emphatic statement now, like his kiss. Jesse's world narrows to Brennan, to the thigh between his legs, the denim he digs his fingers into.

"Dinner..." Jesse says, pretty sure he's agreeing. His stomach rumbles to make the point and Brennan laughs softly.

"Yup, dinner."


It's just pizza, messy and cheesy, his favorite. On the dais, surrounded by the reflecting pool, Jesse leans back, his head on a cushion Brennan had commandeered from the sofas. Like this, he forgets about everything else, about Mutant X and consequences and Brennan and the future. Ominous, it looms in his thoughts sometimes, until he forces it away and remembers Brennan is here. Now.

"When are the others due back?" he asks.

"Not until tomorrow," Brennan answers from somewhere next to him.


"I'm not sure how to do this..."

Jesse closes his eyes, overwhelmed. The words are apologetic, tentative and they make him rise, kneel on the blanket to face Brennan. A furious blush laces his cheeks and Jesse sees this for the seduction it's supposed to be. He waits until Brennan looks at him again, waits until the air between them thickens with knowledge that beyond this, everything changes.

"Mutant X ..." Jesse breathes, hates that he has to bring *that* into this moment, but knows he has very little choice. Brennan's brow furrows, and Jesse waits...until it clears, Brennan nods.

Mutant X comes first.

Brennan moves, his mouth close to Jesse's and it's just a kiss. Chaste even, until Brennan lets him in. His tongue flicking against the roof of Brennan's mouth and Brennan learns fast because he's doing the same thing now, Jesse surges up, to his knees his hands knotting in Brennan's hair to keep him still, to taste him.

Brennan falls back, lets Jesse settle between his legs. Jesse is eager, for everything, so eager he almost misses the look in Brennan's eyes. Desperation cools, becomes long, slow kisses instead.

"Are you all right?" Brennan breathes suddenly, concern lacing the lines of his face. His lips are swollen, red.

"Yeah, are you?" Jesse asks cautiously. Stays still, waits, waits because this means too much for him not to. He'll wait.

Brennan's gaze doesn't waver, his hands heavy on his waist. They move finally, long, thick fingers that slide between their bodies in answer. His jeans are flicked open easily, and Jesse braces himself on his arms as Brennan slides the jeans off. He wants to help, thinks about it briefly but, then Brennan's fingers close over his cock and thought is superfluous. There is just Brennan, the feel of his body against his, his lips against his. Broad hands slide his shirt up, the callouses rough against his skin.


They stop only long enough to undress before they settle against each other again.

"Let me, please oh please..." Brennan mumbles against the side of Jesse's neck, teeth scraping the sensitive skin there.

"Whatever you want," Jesse manages just before Brennan descends, peppers kisses along his neck.

"You've been driving me out of my mind," Brennan breathes and Jesse can't help the smug, "Good" that escapes his lips. Hisses when Brennan flicks his pierced nipple as punishment.

"Or how crazy *this* makes me..."

Jesse doesn't answer, can't, not when Brennan's mouth is there. Heat before the scrape of teeth and then a kiss to soothe.

He should have worn this months ago, Jesse thinks dimly. Brennan licks his nipple again, the scrape of teeth and then heat again. He pulls Brennan away, takes his turn to touch, to taste. Brennan's hands thread through his hair when he kisses the hollow of Brennan's hip. Tugs meaningfully when he ignores Brennan's weeping cock and teases instead.

"Jesse," Brennan moans, pleads as Jesse traces his way back to Brennan's lips.

"I want you to fuck me," Jesse breathes, aware that Brennan is staring at him - wild. Aware that restless hands have stopped. But Jesse can't. He can't, not now, but then Brennan doesn't answer.

"Are you sure?" Brennan asks instead, so very careful it's hard not to wipe that away with furious kisses. Instead Jesse nods.

"Good," he smirks. "Though next time, you have to do me."

"God," Jesse groans. Wills his cock to behave because that image is seared into his mind now.

Brennan, the bastard laughs as he reaches for his jeans, retrieves the lube from his pocket.

"Oh, thank you," Jesse mutters, grateful neither of them is going to have to search for something. He straddles Brennan's hips, kisses him hard. Every breath, every gasp.

"We are going to have to do this now," Brennan gasps.

"You're gonna have to ..." Jesse begins and then forgets because Brennan's fingers are in him already - long, cool and slick and when the fuck did he manage to open the lube, Jesse wonders distantly. A perfect nudge and Jesse arches, rides Brennan's fingers. Watches Brennan, watches his eyes widen, his mouth so fucking red he has to kiss it again - hard and he says it too.

"Hard..." he whispers, his hands digging into Brennan's shoulders, his fingers so deep now. Perfect, Jesse thinks, looks up, the light high in Sanctuary too far. His cock pushes against Brennan's chest, scars the sweat slicked skin.

Marked, Jesse thinks because Brennan's tugging at his nipple, biting and his whole fucking body is on fire. His fingers thread through Brennan's hair and for one exquisite moment every nerve ending burns. Now, Jesse hears himself say, feels his body cry out but then there's the push in and Brennan's eyes drift shut like he's been waiting for this too long. Lashes dark against his skin, Brennan mouths his nipple, tugs on the bar this time, and hands on Jesse's hips steadying him as his entire being coils until Brennan thrusts hard. Shudders that Jesse feels too until he comes, until his head rests on Brennan's shoulder.

"I think you broke me," Brennan mumbles. Jesse snickers before he moves. Brennan doesn't let go, pulls him down onto the blanket. Hair wild, eyes bright, Brennan laughs then, and for a moment Jesse thinks, hopes that it will be this always.


The sight of him still makes Brennan stop, makes him think he's dreaming. Other times, when he examines it, turns it around and delves deeper into this thing between them it makes him afraid, just a moment where he understands how much is caught in this - in Jesse. On his bed Jesse is asleep, curled on his side. He's late back from a safehouse, babysitting a family of New Mutants. The others have been busy setting up their new identities, the third batch in as many weeks. Brennan sighs. Translated, it means he hasn't seen much of Jesse, not when he's been busy making the new IDs. Jesse's hands, splayed against the white sheets are enough evidence of his work. New callouses, the tips of his fingers red. There are sporadic spots of ink too. Worn. Tired.

Brennan strips slips in next to him. Jesse stirs, just barely. Sleep beckons, with thoughts of sleeping in tomorrow, about Jesse and making up for lost time.


It's the absence that wakes Brennan, the *lack* in the room. Then it's a dream, a cruel dream. Months together and Brennan's discovered he doesn't like waking up alone. It scares him how much.

The only evidence of Jesse's presence is the rumpled spot next to him. He knows Jesse is just next door.

Amazing how far away it seems. Brennan shuffles into the bathroom. There's a different brand of shampoo in the shower, a shirt in his laundry basket that's not his. He knows to take it back to Jesse immediately. The incident with the red boxers and the pink, formerly white shirt is still fresh in his mind. He doesn't mind really, it just means Jesse does his laundry too.

Brennan grins around his toothbrush. He's happy.


"Morning..." Brennan yawns. Jesse is already sipping his coffee. Proxy Blue flickers silently before him.

"Hey..." Jesse yawns. A quick peck and Brennan tastes coffee.

"I'm sorry I fell asleep on you yesterday," Jesse apologizes. "I couldn't help it, I crashed."

Brennan waves the apology away.

"Next time you can babysit the ten year old who's a speed demon..."

Jesse laughs softly.

"He's a good kid though," Brennan murmurs. "Danny." A small blonde head speeding around the safehouse, enduring their worried glances when he accidentally slams into the wall. Danny spent the rest of the day trying to make them laugh. Brennan knows the feeling well, trying to make his mom laugh, the helplessness driving everything. He was never quite as good as Danny though.

"You like him." Jesse stares at him intently, his eyes unwavering.

"Well, yeah," he admits. "He's a good kid."

He wants to squirm in his seat, wants those eyes away from him. But Jesse is *there*. Watches him.

"And he's mom's telekinetic, otherwise I have no idea how they'd cope."

"As I recall, you were almost as much fun when you were ten," Jesse says archly and then moment passes and everything is as it should be.

"Almost," Brennan replies cheekily. Jesse just shakes his head in mock consternation.

"I'll get the gory details from you later..."

He rises, and the next words die on Brennan's lips.

"What?" Brennan stammers instead. He thinks he knows what's coming anyway.

" A New Mutant surfaced late last night," Jesse says. "He wants out of the city as soon as possible."

"You're kidding," Brennan sighs, visions of his lazy day disappearing. Jesse is already put his cup into the dishwasher.

"Shal and Emma are going to be taking him out of the city, in the mean-time Adam is checking him out."

"Is it going to take long?" Brennan asks hopefully.

"He's a shapshifter," Jesse supplies, delivering the words tiredly. Brennan settles for groaning.

"How many ID's are you doing?" he asks, afraid of the answer.

"Three," Jesse shrugs. Standard procedure for a shapeshifter, not many can stay in one shape for a long period of time even though it's the best defence they have. Brennan groans again. It's going to be a long day.

"The sooner I get started, the sooner I can finish," Jesse smiles, leans over. So close now, Brennan kisses him, tastes coffee and Jesse. He should wake up to this everyday. The thought stops him.

Every day.

"God, I have to work, " Jesse mumbles. The words trail off and he shakes the cobwebs off. Fixes Brennan with a stare.

"I'm going to work now," he says gravely. A small twitch of his lips belies the seriousness on his face. Brennan nods distractedly.

It's still a surprise. Like Jesse in his bed, and what he sees in Jesse's eyes now.

"Later," Jesse mumbles, the teasing gone now. He leaves before Brennan can say anything.