Sexual Tension

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Pairing: Brennan/Jesse

Rating: NC-17

Status: Complete

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Summary: Brennan and Jesse build up some sexual tension and relieve it.
Shalimar sets Lexa straight.

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Lexa could feel the sexual tension rolling off of both Brennan and Jesse. She wondered what was up with the two men. She watched them closely for a few minutes and found that there was nothing out of the ordinary. Lexa smiled at both men and left the room for more relaxing things to do.

Brennan looked at Jesse and almost melted. The sexual tension had been building up so badly that he thought the he could have jumped the younger man while Lexa was still in the room. And knowing himself as well as he did it probably wouldn't have taken much. He smiled and then started to stalk towards the younger man. He became like a big cat stalking his prey. And Brennan's prey was Jesse Kilmartin. Jesse unbelievably was unaware that Brennan was stalking him.

With a feral grin, Brennan gripped the younger man from behind and spun him around to face him. With an astonished look Jesse tried to protest. Brennan quickly fused his mouth to Jesse's for a soul-reaching kiss that left both men breathless in the end. Brennan lifted his head and smiled at the
debauched look on his young lover's face. He then kissed Jesse's eyes, checks and then kissed the full lips again leaving them red and pouty. Jesse sighed and leaned into the broad chest before him. He had been looking forward to a little playtime with Brennan but Lexa's presence in the room made it impossible.

"What about Lexa."

"Who cares, Jess, if I know both of us we need to relieve a little sexual tension here."

Jesse got a confused look on his face which made Brennan pause for a moment. The younger man pushed the Elemental out of the way to see if Lexa was still in the room. Finding that she wasn't Jesse grabbed Brennan's hips and dragged his lover towards him for more of the love play that the older man
had started. Brennan chuckled at that. Jesse was hornier than he was. Usually it was Brennan who started all of their lovemaking. Jesse grabbed Brennan's hand to lead him towards their shared bedroom. As they went through the short hallway they spotted Lexa coming out of her room down the
hall. Not wanting to stop they just waved at her and then headed into the room.

Brennan roughly pushed the younger man to the bed. He drank in the sight of the blonde sprawled across the big bed ready and waiting for him. He smiled and started to strip his clothes off one piece at a time. Jesse's eyes drank in all of the skin that Brennan showed him. By the time the strip tease was
done, Jesse was panting and wanting more from the older man. He reached out for Brennan but Brennan dodged the touch. Brennan reached for Jesse to undress him and enjoy his treat.

Jesse sighed and reached for Brennan again. This time Brennan let him touch to his heart's content. Jesse touched every inch of the dark haired man. He shoved Brennan to the bed so that he could keep up his ministrations. Jesse bent his head and kissed his way down to his lover's cock. He kissed and
nipped at the inviting nipples before him. After giving Brennan's nipples his attention, Jesse kissed, licked and nipped at the older man's abdomen. As Brennan squirmed with passion and pleasure, Jesse tried to hold him still so that he could continue his lovemaking. Jesse chuckled as Brennan tried to
push him further down his body towards his erection. Jesse was having none of that. He was going to enjoy himself and have his lover enjoy the moment. He started to rack his nails along Brennan's sensitive skin which made the older man shudder in response. Jesse smiled and continued to rake his nails across exposed skin.

Continuing his journey, Jesse took Brennan's cock to the hilt causing the dark haired man to jump at the pleasure it was causing. Brennan started to pump his cock in and out of the willing mouth around it. Jesse lifted a hand to a hip to slow the movements. He didn't want Brennan coming before he had
time to prepare and enter him. Jesse to one last lick and suck of Brennan's hardness and lifted his head to look at Brennan through passion filled blue eyes. Reaching for the lube, Jesse motioned for Brennan to lift his legs so that the blonde man could have access to his entrance.

Jesse put lube on one finger and slowly inserted in the hot tunnel before him. He thrust and circled his finger in Brennan's ass. He then removed his finger to only insert two then three fingers stretching Brennan. Jesse withdrew his fingers when he felt that Brennan was prepared and opened
enough for him. Brennan arched towards Jesse so that the younger man knew that he wanted more. Jesse smiled as he put lube on his own cock and aligned it with the entrance to the tunnel before him. He slowly entered Brennan and then stopped to let the older man adjust to him. Jesse started to thrust
slowly so that he could be gentle with Brennan. Brennan was having none of that. He urged Jesse to thrust harder and faster. As his thrust became faster and harder, Jesse took Brennan's cock in his hand and timed the rhythm to his thrusts so that both of them could come at the same time.

Brennan's world shattered as he felt his orgasm coming on. He felt his ass muscles flex around Jesse's cock as the younger man's orgasm over took him. Panting Jesse fell against the broad back before him. After a moment Jesse withdrew from Brennan and the Elemental turned so that he could gather the
blonde man into his arms.

"Wow, Jess. We should let the sexual tension build some more often."

"Yeah. I think that the next time we need to forget about Lexa and do it right then and there."

Brennan and Jesse looked at each other and laughed. Neither of the guys could see them just stripping at the computer terminal when Lexa was standing there anyway. Brennan snuggled Jesse closer and then kissed him on the top of the head. Jesse smiled into Brennan's chest and closed his eyes to drift off into a sated sleep. Brennan held tightly to the young man in his arms and joined him in sleep.

After hearing the last cries of passion, Shalimar quietly checked on Brennan and Jesse. Stepping up to the doorway of their bedroom she smiled. She was happy that they were finding sometime for each other. She looked over at Lexa who had just come into the hallway. She smiled at the other woman and then left the two men to their nap. Taking Lexa's arm she lead them to the day area to wait out Brennan and Jesse.

"They love each other, Lexa. Is there going to be a problem"

Lexa raised her eyebrow and shook her head. She walked off only to turn to Shalimar and smiled at her. She would ruin a good thing.

Brennan stood watching the two women. He nodded his understanding to the blonde woman and then went back to the warm bed and waiting arms of his lover.

"Love you, Jess. It's all right now." He said as he drifted back to sleep.