team in alley

So who are you then?

Good question *g*. I'm Terri, I live in the UK and am a major Mutant X fan.

What made you start this archive?

Simple reason I was sick of looking for Mutant X slash stories. I knew they were out there, but there didn't seem to be an up to date archive of any kind. So I made one, and there's now over 100 stories.

Is every Mutant X slash story here?

No. I'd say 99% are but I never archive unless I have the permission of the authors. I have e-mails from *every* writer in here saying it's okay for their stories to be hosted. It's something I feel strongly about. I've seen my stories on sites without my e-mail or under the wrong name, and that's wrong. So there's maybe three stories I know of that I don't have permission to archive,sadly they won't go up here.

Do you write?

Yeah. All my Mutant X stuff is here, all B/J.

Do you archive all pairings?

Sure, m/m and femmeslash. So far we've got Brennan/Jesse, Adam/Brennan, Adam/Jesse, Adam/Mason, Emma/Shalimar as well as multiples, crossovers and 'other' pairings such as Thorne.

Can my story be archived?

If it's slash sure!

How can I send you my story?

You can send it in a Word.doc or in Notepad, Wordpad, in an e-mail or I'll copy from a site as a last resort.

Any comments or questions just get in touch. I'm happy to help!


Created on ... April 27, 2003