My Sweet Innocent

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Challenge: Peja's Sweet Innocent challenge

Pairing: Brennan/Jesse

Rating: PG

Status: Complete

Series/Sequel: if you want any

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Summary: Brennan contemplates Jesse's innocence after he gets hurt

Warnings: none

Notes: none


Sweet innocent. That is how I would describe Jesse. Although he can take care of himself Jesse just gives of that aura of being innocent. I set beside our bed and watch him sleep. He is such an angel when he sleeps. Like an innocent. The innocent that I think that his is or so he seems. Those blue eyes of his looked up at me innocently this morning when I asked him about his past. A past that I would like to know more about someday.

Jesse, the innocent. That's what I named him. He is innocent to me. Innocent of the big, bad world out there. He doesn't realize what's out there like I do. Yes, I know he could just as easily had hard experience. But would they be as hard as mine. His innocence is what attracted to him to me. Jesse's innocent knowledge of what is going on around him. That very innocence got him hurt earlier today.

Early we had been told of a mutant that might need our help. Like we would normally do we went out on a mission to rescue a New Mutant. When we got there we realized that we had been set up. Innocently, Jesse had thought that talking our way out would do the trick. He thought wrong. The Elemental that we were to rescue shot fire at Jesse. It had burned him badly on parts of his body. We at first had thought that all the burns were bad but it turned out not to be as bad as we thought it was. Thank goodness we got him back to Sanctuary in time. Jesse will be ok. I just have to keep him in bed for a day or two, which won't be to hard.

I lectured him about his innocent act while I got him in our bed. He smiled innocently at me. I just gave him that look that says don't even try it. I think that's how he gets away with so much around both Shalimar and me. He has to use that innocent look and then neither one of us denies him anything. Take just yesterday Jesse was wanting to go for ice cream and I didn't think that wise when we were trying to track down a New Mutant. And what does he go and do. He uses that innocent puppy dog look on me. And I couldn't resist. He is doing that quite often. Jesse has become proficient on getting two people in his world that he loves more than anything to do anything for him. So we went. He chocolate chip and I got chocolate.

Sweet innocent. Ha! I am beginning to think those two words are not going to work for Jesse anymore. He knows how to work someone especially me. Me! The one person who should be able to resist. I don't though. I can't deny Jesse anything. He is really innocent.

My sweet innocent Jesse. He could have been brought down my someone like me. Another Elemental. One who had no regard for another life: human or mutant. I look back to the bed when Jesse starts to stir. I smile. He is really innocent when he sleeps. He looks like a sweet innocent just lying there. I get up and go to our bed where I lay down beside him. I enfold my sweet innocent in my arms and fall asleep with him snuggly tucked in my arms.

I stir some time later. Blue eyes are looking at me. I hold out my arms to him and hug him to me. Jesse, sweet innocent, Jesse. What would I give to keep him around forever? I saw today what could have happened. In a way I am glad Jesse is a little innocent. It is what makes him the most special to me. As Shalimar would say its Jesse's sweet innocent act that keeps us all innocent from time to time. I have to agree.

"Love you, forever, Jesse." I whisper.

Jesse smiles and snuggles more deeply in my arms. I hold on tighter and
never won't to let go.

"Me too, Bren. I am still your sweet innocent." He reassures.

Thanks Jesse for that reassurance. I needed. I fall asleep with the love of my life in my arms and hope for the best.