pairing: Jesse/Brennan

rating: VERY NC-17

spoilers: none

feedback: oh, yes, please! always, lol

summary: Jesse comes home to find Brennan working out... ...shirtless...

warnings: total and absolute PWP. Extremely graphic ;D

disclaimer: They belong to people who have way too much money to be me. I just like playing with them...

Brennan was shirtless and pumping iron in the miniature gym that used to be his room, before he moved into Jesse's, as the shorter man returned to Sanctuary. The molecular was getting home from a hasty check on an electronic security error in one of the lesser used safehouses, and stopped as he entered the room, watching his lover's body move. Sweat was running down Brennan's red face and streaming down his ripped sides as he benched close to two-hundred pounds, keeping a smooth steady pace as Jesse entered the room.

"Shouldn't you have somebody spotting while you do that?" Jesse asked as he swung one long leg over Brennan's middle and straddled the weight bench, cupping his hands beneath the bar as Brennan continued his measured strokes.

"You're late... so I started without you," Brennan answered on the next two descents of the bar, keeping his focus on the ceiling and professionally only speaking during his normal exhalations, not altering his breathing pattern just to converse. Or almost keeping his focus, Jesse noticed the quick flick of Brennan's eyes, not to meet his own, but to check Jesse's hard-on beneath his gym shorts as he stood over his partner, deliberately on the wrong side of the bench just to rub his lightly haired inner thighs against Brennan's naked sides.

Jesse looked down for himself and noticed with satisfaction that Brennan's penis was shifting under the light fabric of the boxer-briefs he was working out in as it began to stiffen. His blue eyes sparkled with anticipation as he deliberately let himself sway back and forth while keeping his hands a few inches below the weight bar as it moved, feeling Brennan's sides twitch as his leg hair brushed against them.

"'Sides..." Brennan continued, "...This isn't heavy..." he finished as he grit his teeth and blew his last exhalation out between pursed lips.

"Oh," Jesse said in his best deadpan-yet-sultry voice. "Maybe I should make it harder," the blond haired man replied as he straightened up, clamping Brennan's heaving sides with the insides of his knees, stressing the word harder just ever-so-slightly.

"Hmmp.." was Brennan's only answer, but his mouth pulled to one side in a toothless grin as he appreciated Jesse's subtle teasing. "At least more difficult," Brennan replied cockily as he locked his elbows to speak normally at Jesse, tilting his sweaty, dark haired head forward just a little to get a full look at Jesse's face. Brennan let his breath out in a quick gasp of laughter upon seeing the single-eyebrow-raised smirk on Jesse's face as he lowered the bar again.

"Okay," Jesse said with bright innocence, his face shifting to impeccably feigned naivete as he leaned forward, except for his eyes. Jesse's eyes had the slightest suggestion of a mischievous smile, their lids lowered just a tiny bit and the slightest downward tension of his eyebrows that Brennan recognized in conjunction with the patently false innocence to mean his younger partner was up to something.

Jesse turned his hands over as he moved, palms facing downward instead of under the weight bar as he placed them on Brennan's sturdy chest, catching the larger man's nipples in the creases at the edges of his palms, beneath his pinkie fingers. The innocent facade fell from the rest of Jesse's face as he smirked again, the dark, idle amusement never leaving his eyes as he began to apply pressure to Brennan's chest and tensed his legs, squeezing his friend's sides beneath the ribcage just that much more.

"Oho- -you're such a bastard..." Brennan groaned as he smiled, his arms shaking as he raised the bar back up again, unable to draw a proper breath.

"Oh, I could be worse..." the trim young man replied with an amused glance from behind his long bangs as he leaned over his teammate. "I could just mass, then I'd weigh so much you wouldn't be able to breathe at all," he said amicably as Brennan's elbows locked, sweat streaming down the older man's face, arms, and chest.

Jesse's close-mouthed grin widened with sinister delight as Brennan attempted one more rep; Jesse bent his knees and shifted his hips forward, his upper and inner thighs pressing heavily against the edges of Brennan's solar plexus, practically sitting on his lover's middle. Brennan's exhalation became a whistle between his grinding teeth as his face grimaced and turned purple.

"...you're a dick!..." the buff elemental grunted as he forced the bar back up and deposited it in the open clamps at the top of the weight bench's arms, then let his arms hang slackly from his loose grip around the bar as he huffed a few deep breaths, his face passing from purple through scarlet to a more ordinary shade of red. Jesse straightened his head up as he peered into Brennan's tired eyes with one happily arched eyebrow.

"What about my dick ?" the amused young molecular asked. In response Brennan tightened his abs and threw his wrestling shoe-clad feet around Jesse's head and locked the bridges of his feet in front of Jesse's nose in a reverse toe-hold. Brennan tensed his legs as Jesse's weight dropped onto his own already-steeled abs, squeezing Jesse's skull and letting the younger man know he could easily fling him off of himself if he so chose.

"Hey, nice move!" Jesse commented. "So, what do I have to do to get this head-lock removed ?" the longer-haired youth asked as he shifted his weight to take it off Brennan's abdomen, lightly slapping Brennan's chest across the nipples with his fingers and massing for a split second, just to remind the stronger man who was literally on top.

"Oh, I dunno, take your shirt off, your watch," Brennan said idly as he let his feet slip free. Jesse obligingly undid his watch and tossed it aside, then grabbed his t-shirt and stripped it up over his head. As soon as Jesse's shirt passed in front of his face Brennan let go of the weight bar and reached forward, pinching some of Jesse's armpit hair with each hand and tugging. The ex-thief then sharply pinched the shorter man's nipples as he twitched with surprised reaction, surprising him more, and quickly wrapped his fingers back around the bar where they had been as Jesse yanked the shirt off and threw it away, giving Brennan a hard look.

"You're gonna regret that..." Jesse promised as he leaned forward and slid his fingers through the sweat slicked hair of Brennan's armpits, sliding his hands down to cup Brennan's pecs with his palms and rub them, stroking his nipples with the centers of his palms.

"Oh, am I ?" Brennan asked as Jesse put one hand against Brennan's breastbone to support himself as he slid further down the weight bench, then lay down atop his teammate and wrapped his arms around Brennan's.

"Oh, yeah..." Jesse responded as his biceps touched Brennan's triceps and he snaked his fingers in against the insides of Brennan's wrists and straightened his arms, prying Brennan's loose fingers off the bar and forcing him into a strange sort of double armlock. Jesse's chest pressed against Brennan's heaving solar plexus and the head of his swollen dick prodded the bottoms of Brennan's balls as Jesse lightly sank his teeth into Brennan's neck at the edges of his adam's apple, humming a growl as he began to pump his hips and prod Brennan's balls with his cock.

Brennan sighed with mounting excitement as the head of his cock found a home in the muscular socket of Jesse's sternum and bent his arms, attempting to embrace Jesse as the blond fought back and strove to maintain the armlock. They struggled this way for a few moments as Jesse gradually increased the speed of his strokes, alternatingly sucking on and nearly chewing on Brennan's throat in a show of passion worthy of Shalimar. Brennan made token resistance with his arms to maintain the exciting wrestling struggle there, but otherwise relaxed into Jesse's rhythm until the shorter man started pressing more with his arms, not only forcing Brennan's straight against the elbows but also pushing them back against the weight bench and his shoulder sockets.

Brennan gave a grunt and bucked with his groin against Jesse's solar plexus to distract him as he brought his powerful arms to bear, stronger than Jesse's by a healthy margin and breaking the hold. Brennan gripped his lover beneath the armpits and lifted him up, away from Brennan's neck and into a deep kiss that Jesse enthusiastically returned. They continued to kiss, rubbing their erections together through the few thin layers of cotton as their tongues met and probed each others' mouths. Jesse finally shoved himself up off of Brennan, grabbing his shorts and briefs and exhaling as he phased them through his hips and tossed them aside.

Jesse fell back forward, grabbing the waistline of Brennan's boxer-briefs and stripping them down his thighs as the older man lifted his hips up off the bench. Brennan brought his knees up and Jesse pulled the boxer-briefs off the darker man's left foot, then slid his right hand up Brennan's calf, across the back of his knee and all the way up his hamstrings. He slid his left hand under Brennan's right tricep, through the hairy cleft of his armpit and down his sweaty side, ending up with both hands gripping Brennan's hips as the burly man placed his feet flat on the floor, legs spread as Jesse leaned forward and began probing the covering of hair over Brennan's balls with the tip of his tongue.

Brennan closed his eyes and sighed a long "Oooohh-" as Jesse cupped first one testicle and then the other in the bowl of his tongue, pulling them into his mouth to grip just slightly with his teeth, then sucked Brennan's whole hairy scrotum into his mouth and began humming as he ran his hands up and down Brennan's sides. Brennan began muttering encouragements as Jesse's hot breath blew out his nose over the base of Brennan's enormous boner, moving his hands from the weight bar to Jesse's shoulders, massaging them much as Jesse was doing to his own chest. Jesse continued rubbing as he released Brennan's nuts and took a firm hold of the sweating man's gigantic cock with his mouth, sucking hard and wriggling his tongue against the head as he began kneading Brennan's chest and sides.

The taller mutant cried out and began stroking Jesse's dangling balls with the bridge of one foot, but had to stop when his leg began twitching involuntarily as his intensity built toward orgasm. Jesse began stroking his red-hot erection against Brennan's hairy shin as he sucked, Brennan's gasps and pants becoming deeper and more urgent as Jesse let go of his chest and used one hand to hold Brennan's calf in a better position to stroke himself with it. Jesse grabbed Brennan's heavy balls with his other hand, pulling and tugging in sync with his humping strokes against Brennan's leg, humming his own gasps into Brennan's boner as they both got closer and closer. Jesse finally slid up Brennan, somehow keeping the head of his cock pressed against Brennan's leg the entire way as he threw himself on top of his lover.

Brennan eagerly, desperately returned Jesse's kiss, tasting himself as Jesse thrust his cock alongside Brennan's well-lubricated one. The larger man wrapped his long arms around Jesse's well-muscled back and pulled him into the strokes as they shifted to press their necks and scratchy cheeks together. The two men were gasping in unison as they both began coming, their cries rising as the waves of pleasure washed through them at ever more mind-blowing intensity. The two young men came so hard and fast they could hardly stand it, but still held on for a gloriously rapturous portion of a minute as the deep flush spread over both their chests and faces. They both cried out as their come squirted out against each other, just making their spasming cocks slide against the other's groin all the more, screaming as their orgasms rocked through them. They collapsed into each others' arms as Brennan silently stroked Jesse's back, their ragged breathing all either one of them needed to hear from the other as they basked in the moment together.