First Steps
Jena Bartley

This was written for mxficlets community on Livejournal.

Disclaimer: All characters and property of Mutant X belong to Tribune Entertainment.  This fan fiction was created solely for entertainment and no money was made from it.  Also, no copyright or trademark infringement was intended.  Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.

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Rating: PG

Summary: It wasn't even a date he was going on, though he wish it was.

Notes: For challenge #3 on the mxficlets community.  First times

Pairing: Jesse/Adam

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Jesse stared at himself in the mirror as he knotted his tie.  Nerves
tightened in his stomach, making his hands tremble.  His tie finally
knotted to his satisfaction, he studied himself in the mirror.  The
charcoal gray suit suited him, bringing out the blond streaks in his
hair and the colour of his eyes.  Clean shaven, hair combed neatly in
place, he ran one hand down his suit jacket, making sure it lay properly
against his body.

He didn't know why he was going to so much trouble dressing tonight.  It
wasn't even a date he was going on, though he wish it was.

Leaving his room, he walked to Adam's room.  Emma, Shalimar and Brennan
had been gone most of the day, unwilling to face Adam in his current
state of irritability and snappishness.   Jesse really couldn't blame
them.  Three weeks of Adam in this state was enough to drive anyone
away.  He hoped going out tonight would ease Adam's mood.

Jesse could hear Adam cursing as he knocked on his door.  Without
waiting for an answer, he went in.  Adam was scowling at himself in the
mirror as he struggled with his tie.  His right hand was in a bright
blue cast from his elbow to his knuckles, the source of his ire.  The
broken wrist was courtesy of a nasty fight with several GSA agents.
Fortunately it was the only injury besides the usual bruises from the
fight.  Unfortunately for Mutant X it left Adam unable to work in his
lab.  Three weeks of forced idleness had made Adam restless and
irritable, prone to snapping at everyone around him in frustration.

"Let me help."  Jesse said, brushing Adam's hands away.  He straightened
out the tie and began to knot it.  Standing so close to Adam, Jesse
fought to keep his concentration on his hands and not how good Adam

It had been Jesse's idea to invite Adam out for dinner, hoping getting
out of Sanctuary would alleviate some of Adam's frustration.  He knew a
restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere, excellent food and service that
would be the perfect place for dinner.  Now, he just had to keep telling
himself this was not a date, just a way to get Adam out of Sanctuary and
his mind off his inability to work.  But it was hard to remember that
little detail when he was surrounded by Adam's scent and the warmth of
his body.

"There.  Done."  Jesse stepped back, a little too quickly, needing a
little room between them.

"Thank you, Jesse."  Adam said, reaching for his jacket.  Jesse helped
him into it.  "Where is everyone?  I haven't seen the others most of the

"Well, we all drew straws to see who got to stay with you today.  I got
the short one and everyone took off somewhere."  Jesse teased, grinning
at Adam.

Adam snorted but he was smiling a little.  "I guess I haven't been the
most pleasant person to be around lately."

Jesse arched his eyebrows.  "You could say that.  Come on.  Reservations
are for six."


Dinner turned out to be just the thing to draw Adam out of his mood.  He
soon was smiling and laughing, his eyes warm and open, something Jesse
rarely saw in the years he had been with Adam.  He was a wonderful
dining companion, charming and attentive.  Jesse even thought Adam might
be flirting with him at times but passed it off as a figment of his

Jesse wasn't quite sure when his feelings for Adam had changed.    He
had gone from seeing Adam as his mentor and some time father figure to
seeing the man behind those masks, and wanting him, flaws and all.


"Thank you for dinner, Jesse."  Adam said, as they walked back to the
car.  "I know I hadn't been the most pleasant person to be around lately
and I really appreciate tonight."

"You're welcome, Adam."  Jesse reached into his jacket for the car keys.
  He glanced over at the other man, enjoying how relaxed Adam looked.
He was still smiling, his eyes on Jesse were as open and warm as in the

Not thinking, Jesse leaned forward, brushing his lips across Adam's.  He
felt Adam's sharp intake of surprise and cursed himself.  He had not
meant to do that.  Before he could retreat, Adam's good hand slid around
his neck, cupping the back of his head and pulling him into another
kiss.  Adam's lips parted, head tilting to deepen the kiss and this time
it was Jesse's turn to gasp as Adam kissed him.

When they finally parted, Adam was smiling again.  He stroked Jesse's
cheek gently as Jesse just stared at him, his lips tingling from the
kiss.  Hesitantly, he opened his arms, wondering if this was really
happening.  Adam moved into his arms, his own sliding around Jesse's
back, embracing him as tightly as he could with the cast on.

Closing his eyes, Jesse stopped thinking and just revelled at feeling
Adam in his arms.  Maybe his dreams were not just dreams after all.