Jesse: My Afternoon Delight

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Pairing: Brennan/Jesse

Challenge: Peja's Afternoon Delight Challenge

Rating: PG-13

Status: Complete

Series/Sequel: if you want any

Disclaimers: They aren't mine. Marvel Studios and the people associated with them do. I just borrow them and return them.

Summary: Brennan contemplates his afternoon delight and gets Jesse in the end.

Warnings: none

Notes: none

I am looking at my afternoon delight. He is pounding away at the keys on the keyboard. He looks so delicious. Those blue eyes and blonde hair are just what make drool. He is so beautiful. I kinda wonder what he would do if I told him I wanted to make him my afternoon delight. He would probably just roll his eyes and tell me to go away. He has been doing that lately. Well, no more. I am going to make Jesse Kilmartin my afternoon delight whether he likes it or not.

I sneak up behind him and nibble on his neck. He just shrugs away from me. Ok, this looks like it will not go to well. But I am not one to just let anything go. Take last night for instance. There was Jesse spread across our bed looking like both an afternoon and evening delight. I just could resist touching and making love to that delicious body. He cocks an eyebrow at me. I smile. He shakes his head. I am not giving up. No way am I giving up. He is just going to have to take it. I will not accept defeat. I look back at Jesse and contemplate my strategy at making my blonde and beautiful lover mine for the rest of the afternoon and possibly the evening. Food. Jesse always likes to snack. I'll bring food. No that won't work. How about just the direct approach. Here's to the direct approach.

I drop to my knees beside Jesse and turn him in his chair to face me. I rub my hand against that beautiful cock that I had lovingly sucked last night. Jesse smiles. His cock is starting to get hard. Oh boy, I hope no one walks in especially Shalimar. I breathe on the jeans clad groin before me. Jesse's head drops back as I continue my ministrations on his cock. I am getting my afternoon delight.

Jesse pushes me back from him and gets up to head towards our bedroom and
little more privacy. I follow and just smile at my strategy. Useful that
direct approach. Go Brennan. I am going to have Jesse and it is going to be the best delight that I have ever had. Ok, so had this delight every night since we became lovers. (Well, not every night.)  Jess pulls me towards him. He is granting me permission to do what ever I want to do. I chuckle and get down to tasting my afternoon delight.

Later I lay here with Jesse in my arms and feel all kinds of warm fuzzies
because I have my one and only true love in my arms. I have the greatest
afternoon delight and I have him forever.

"Nice afternoon delight, Bren."

"Yeah, Jess. I wouldn't have it any other way."

I smile and snuggle him closer to me and drift off to sleep with Jesse
following me into a sated sleep.