Freeze Framing Happy Memories

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Pairing: Brennan/Jesse

Rating: PG

Status: Complete

Series/Sequel: Song Title Series

Disclaimers: They aren't mine. Marvel Studios and the people associated with them do. I just borrow them and return them.

Summary: Brennan freezes and frames special memories about Jesse before and after he dies

Warnings: Major character death

Notes: none

Freeze-Frame.. The J. Geils Band

I want to freeze and frame this moment. This moment where Jesse is looking more and more adorable by the minute. He poses and I take the picture. And then he smiles at me with that special smile that I know is only for me. Its not that often that I can get my beautiful lover away from his computers and when I do I take full advantage of it.

I challenged Jesse to be my model for the day. Also promised him dinner and dancing and he seems to think that a long night of a sexual nature is deserved. I'll think about that one. If he is good enough during all this I'll let him have his way with him tonight. And what a way it would be. It was not often that I let Jesse lead in the lovemaking. I liked to top. So sue me. I liked to have Jesse the way that I wanted him. On the bottom and me enjoying all those little moans and groans. Ok, I have to adjust the jeans here. Jess is looking at me strangely. If he knew that I was not thinking about this little venture and what I wanted to do to him or vice versa he probably would want to go straight home and not come out of our bedroom for a couple of weeks. I wouldn't mind but Adam sure would.

I look at the blonde man before me and sigh. I take more pictures of him. I am going to have a good collection of Jesse pictures. Shalimar though would want to some. I better put the camera on timer so that I can have a few pictures of both of us. Shalimar would want a few of those too. I sigh once more and set the camera on a tripod and set the timer. The camera clicks as we both pose for it. The one I like best is the one where I have cuddled Jesse in my arms.

Boy, this freeze-frame idea was really good. Both Jesse and I enjoyed ourselves and I think we'll take the girls along next time. You having lots of pictures of friends and family is great. I don't have too many pictures of my real family but I intend to have lots of pictures of my family that I have now.

Emma suggested that we take the camera with us when we went to the club. That sounds like an idea. I can get pictures of all of us dancing and having fun. Kinda like a souvenir you would buy on vacation. We would have memories.

Freeze-Frame. It's like a moment in time frozen forever. Last night turned out that way. We had all gone to a club to relax and have some fun but instead we got into trouble. The trouble wasn't of our own making. First it started with someone taking too much of an interest in MY Jesse. I couldn't stand that and told the guy to back off. He didn't take my suggestion too well. Jesse just took my arm and wrestled me out to the dance floor. Ok, I suppose Jess was trying to keep me from getting in a fight. That gets him some whipped cream on his favorite body part on me.

Next someone tried to hit on Emma. That didn't go over too well with Shalimar. There was now way that Shal was letting anyone around her favorite person next to my precious Jesse. Jesse and I had to hold back Shalimar. And that was no easy feat. Shalimar is strong even without her feral abilities coming through. She is even stronger when she uses them. I lost my footing at one time and Shal almost got away from Jesse. But in the end we managed to keep her from doing any damage and left Emma to calm the blonde woman down. And that was just the first hour or two.

By the end of the night I had gotten badly hurt and Emma and Shalimar were badly bruised and scraped. As for Jesse we still don't know what happened. He tried to mass and before he could a shot rang and a bullet caught Jesse before he massed. He crumbled to the floor with me dragging myself along to get to him. I held him until Shal and Emma could get to us. We heard sirens and knew we had to get out of there fast. None of us could do that so we ended up going to a hospital. I think that was better for Jesse.

That moment will be frozen in time. None of us can really remember what happened. It is like a freeze-frame. All we wanted to do was have fun. All we wanted was to be free for just a moment. And now we are barely here. Shalimar and Emma have recovered. But me. Well, I have recovered physically but my heart has been shattered. By the time Adam got to the hospital Jesse had died.

He died because someone was stupid enough to bring a gun into a club full of people. Adam said the police know who it was. That doesn't make me feel any better. I lost someone who was my life. And now I sit here in a bedroom that has become my home. I don't do much. I haven't slept since that night. I eat very little and if I do go on a mission it is a burden to me. I look at our new Molecular. He's not my Jesse. Not my precious one. He cannot replace that in my heart.

Adam thought we would hit it off. We did for a while and then he invaded my private space I have for Jesse. I didn't like it. Sean took it upon himself to make me see that Jesse would want me to live. He's right you know.

But that moment upon Jesse's death is a freeze-frame in my memories of the beautiful man that I swore I would love and protect forever.

I smile as Sean walks into my room. He is bearing food. He wants me to eat. I'll do that for him. Maybe he is a little like Jesse. I have my memories and I will live and love again if not for myself but because Jesse would want it.

I will make happy freeze-frame memories now.