The Beginning: Jesse's POV

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Pairing: Brennan/Jesse

Rating: PG

Status: Complete

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Summary: Jesse's feelings about Shalimar's call when Brennan goes down after his powers go out of control.

Warnings: If you don't like an m/m relationship please delete.

Notes: This episode was so full of slash potential I thought I would take it and see what I could come up with. This is the beginning of the episode where we see Brennan's powers go out of control the first time and Shalimar calling Jesse. This is Jesse's reaction to the call.


I got Shalimar's frantic call. Brennan was down and the Senator's daughter was lost. My head went up. What had happened? Brennan down? No way. Not my lover. Not my Brennan. No the man who seemed to have it all. Not the person who was confident in himself and everyone else. No not my Brennan I want to shout. In my mind I see Brennan so full of life, love and laughter.

I see him this morning naked and draped across me. I see him smiling down at me and laughing as I frown up at him. I can fell and see him kissing me. I come out of my reverie when Adam commed me. I practically run to the holding bay to help Shal with Brennan. I touch him but he flinches away. I step back. He look at me with a look that says please understand I love you. I take a deep breath and nod as we head for the medi-lab.

I pace outside while Adam checks Brennan. I feel out of control like it's not me anymore. I feel like I am living a nightmare. I am living a < nightmare. My Brennan, my lover, is losing control of his powers. He could possibly die.

"Jesse." Adam says.

I am startled for a moment and look at him. I expect him to tell me that Brennan doesn't have long. He doesn't. He smiles and leads me to Brennan. He leaves us alone for a moment.

"Brennan." I whisper.

He looks at me with those deep brown eyes. I can see his love for me there. I tentatively lay a hand on his chest. He doesn't flinch this time. For the moment I am allowed this touch. I know and he knows I will not be allowed to touch him much longer. I lean over and touch my lips to his. Our lips tremble with keeping back emotions that are hard for both of us.

"Brennan, don't leave me, please. I couldn't stand losing you."

"I won't leave you, Jess. I love you too much."

I let the tears flow as he says these words. WE both look at each other and try not to say the words. I turn from him hoping he won't se my heart breaking in my eyes and on my face. I go back to him with a little dryer eyes. I smile at him and hope that he can find encouragement from that and my love for him. Adam reenters the room and separates us. I take one last look at Brennan and leave.

I slowly go towards our room. I am wishing Brennan were with me. As I step into the room I drop to my knees with all the pent up emotion of the last few hours. That call Shal made stopped my heart. I couldn't picture Brennan anywhere but here. I even wished I had been there so that my arms were around him. But now that's not possible. I can't hold him or love him without taking a chance with our lives.

Shalimar has heard my cries and comes to comfort me. She rocks me in her arms and says a few words of comfort and encouragement.

"He loves you, you know." She says.

"I know. It's hard to see him like this." I answer back.

She smiles and puts her cheek on my head. Shalimar is a wonder. She, besides Brennan, is my world. But right now my world is possibly going to be taken away from me. I push out of her arms and go to the big bed. I lie down on Brennan's side and hug his pillow to me. Shal leaves me knowing that I need some time to myself. More tears come to my eyes as I think about what could have happened.

Brennan was lucky that his powers hadn't killed him. If it hadn't been for Shalimar being there he would have died. I can't think of losing him now. I have got to think of keeping him around.

"Brennan." My mind cries. "Brennan."

I hear footsteps outside of our bedroom but I don't look up when the door opens. Its possibly Emma or Adam.

"Jesse, look at me."

I hear his voice. The voice of my beloved. I turn to face him. I look at him. Really look at him. I see only love. Love for me. I let the tears fall. He reaches for me but takes his hands back. His arms go around his waist. The anguish on his face just about kills me. He wants to hold me but knows he can't. He's afraid just like I am.

"Bren, hold me, please. Just hold me." I cry hoping he will give in just once.

"You know I can't take that chance. Know though that I love you."

I look at him through tear filled eyes. I run from the room and him. He doesn't follow although I hope he does. I find that I can't stand these walls. My life is being taken from me because his powers are controlling him. Arms again go around me and I shrug out of them. I look and the person before me I want to accuse and shout at him.

"Save him, Adam." I plead.

Adam smiles and nods while he leads me towards mine and Brennan's room. I wake up to Brennan on the floor. I guess he will not go far. He knows that I couldn't hold up if anything happened to him. His eyes show his heartbreak as he studies me.

"We'll get through this, Jesse. Believe me we will." He reassures me.

With that I take it to heart and hope for the best. I hope I don't get another frantic call like I did this morning. I don't want to have to go through this again.