brennan ass shot


Anything -- Brennan and Jesse have lotsa hot monkey sex ; )

Sound and Fury, signifying everything -- PWP.

Looks Can be Deceiving -- Mutant X parties after a successful rescue mission.

The Importance of teamwork -- Adam sends Brennan and Jesse on a team-work building excersise, and things don't go quite how Brennan thought they would.

A fine line between heaven and hell -- Jesse wants something he can't have.

"So Much For Heaven...." -- A slightly more realistic, humorous view of late night boffing

Better than Beer -- A short, happy little piece.

Benefits -- Another cozy bit

Don't Even Say It -- Brennan owwies, but Jesse's there

Look What the Easter Bunny Brought... -- A wee bit of holiday fun.

Computer Sex -- Who says computer sex isn't as good as the real thing?

Crying -- Jesse turns on the waterworks.

Glad to be Home -- The end of a long day...

Romance, Shmo-mance -- A casual afternoon romp.

Broken Ties -- Missing end scene from "Blood Ties.


Created on ... April 24, 2003