"So Much For Heaven...."

"So Much For Heaven...."


DISCLAIMER: None, really. Just a short bit

ARCHIVE?: Sure, just let me know where!

SUMMARY: A slightly more realistic, humorous view of late night boffing

SEQUEL: Highly doubtful

FEEDBACK?: Yes, please! :)

NOTES: Just a little bit that popped into my head after a discussion at a slash gathering, that every sexual encounter was unrealistically earthshaking. I think it's kind of funny, but, who knows? lol


"Mmmm...hey you," Brennan mumbled as Jesse slipped into bed beside him. "'bout time," he grumbled as Jesse tucked into his arms. "Been waitin' for hours...." he yawned.

"Sorry," Jesse smiled. "I had to finish-mmph!" he gasped as Brennan rolled on top of him, driving a sleepy tongue down his throat.

"Want you," Brennan whispered as he rubbed against him. "So horny...wanna fuck you so good, baby...."

"I guess so," Jesse gasped as a hard cock pushed between his thighs and he melted back with a moan. "Sorry...sorry I kept you waiting...."

"Mmm, you should be," Brennan grumbled as he started humping against Jesse. "Not nice to keep yer man waiting...."

"What am I, a naughty housewife?" Jesse laughed as Brennan started thrusting faster. "I just-Ohhhh, that's nice...." he moaned as his cock stiffened from the delicious friction. "Yeah, do it, baby," he enthused as Brennan ground against him. "Feels so good!"

"Need it," Brennan panted as he quickened his pace. "Need you, need to come, need you, Jess!"

"Yeah, give it to me," Jesse gasped.

"Gonna fuck you...." Brennan groaned as he thrust faster. "Gonna open you up and fuck you into heaven...until you...ohhhyeeaaahhhh...." he gasped as he shot between Jesse's thighs, then collapsed onto him with a snore. "Jeeesssssseee... ." he mumbled as he sank into sleep. "Soooo good...."

"Uhm, Brennan?" Jesse asked, shaking Brennan. "Yoo-hoo, Brennan? Still horny here...." He sighed heavily as Brennan rolled off of him with a sleepy grumble, curling up onto his side away from Jesse as he started to snore.

"Damn it, Brennan," Jesse muttered, slapping his shoulder lightly as he reached for the bottle of lotion by the bed, then settling back with a sigh. "So much for heaven...."



Created on ... April 25, 2003