Sound and Fury, Signifying Everything

RATING: NC-17, fer sure

PAIRING: Brennan/Jesse




NOTES: PWP, geez!

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God, I love the noises he makes. There's nothing else in the world that sounds as wonderful, or affects me as deeply.

There are so many different ones he makes, and I love them all, but these ...these just hit a nerve somewhere deep inside me that makes me shudder like nothing else. The soft inhalation of breath, the ragged gasps that spill from his lips, the little groans that echo in the back of his throat...they're beautiful.

All the sounds he makes when we're together are music to my ears, but the ones that come out of him when I'm in front of him, sucking on that beautiful cock...those are just about the best. Those are the ones that make me want to fall to my knees and shake. Which is a good thing, since that's exactly where I am. On my knees, with my arms wrapped around him, stroking that gorgeously curved ass as I take him further into my throat, drowning in the feel of him.

"God...Jesse...so good...." he murmurs as his fingers thread through my hair, massaging my scalp as he urges me on. "Keep sucking me...feels so damn good...."

I nod my head slightly and hum out a consenting sound, smiling around him as the vibration triggers one of my favorite noises. A raspy, shaky little tremble of air that slips out of his lips and melts into a moan at the end. I hum once more just to hear it again, shivering in delight as the sound cascades over me and I grip the soft flesh in my hands harder, pulling him even closer.

"Yeah...just like that...." he moans as I run my tongue up and down the length of his shaft, sucking harder as I take him deeper. "Hell yeah...." he gasps, slumping back harder against the wall as his knees start to tremble. Another sound spills from his lips, a brief staccato burst of soft groans, and I know he's so close to the edge even before his hips start to pump faster against me. I pull back slightly, not willing to give up the noises that are like a symphony to my ears until I've had my fill. He starts to protest, then lets out a long, languid moan as I start to run my lips up and
down his cock, swirling my tongue around the dripping tip.

"You taste so good...." I whisper as I release him for a moment, rubbing his throbbing hardness between my cheek and hand for a moment. "Could eat you forever...." Then I'm back on his cock, sucking at it hungrily as my hands stroke his shaking hips, soaking in the pleasure-drenched moans that rain over me.

"Jess...." he pants as his hands caress my head, the back of my neck, my shoulders, every inch of me he can reach. "So close...." he whispers as one hand curves around the back of my head, urging me closer. "YES...!"

The last word spills from his lips like molten honey, and I revel in it, sucking at him desperately as he starts to shake, ready to accept all he is about to give me. His head arches back with a cry that sounds like the heavens bursting open, and he flows down my throat, a wild, warm river of passion and life that I would be all too happy to drown in.

A shaky, pleasure drenched moan echoes from deep within his chest as he slumps down towards me, clinging weakly to my shoulders as I guide him over to the bed, easing him down across it. He sprawls back with a contented sigh, looking up at me with desire-glazed eyes, and I soak in the sight of him. God, he's beautiful....

"Come here...." he manages, his voice thick and heavy as he reaches a shaky hand towards me. I slip my fingers between his and let him pull me closer, sliding over his body, glistening with sweat. "Yes...." he whispers as I lower my head, lapping gently at his peaked nipples, soaking in the heat and the taste of him as I tremble with need against his gorgeous body.

My hands slide up his sides, caressing his skin as I move over him, tasting his mouth as I soak in the soft pants echoing from his lips. They're so beautiful, so full and soft, like two ripe plums begging to be plucked and I lose myself in the sensation as I devour them like a starving man.

"Want you so bad...." I breathe against his cheek as my lips reluctantly pull back. There's another sound I have to hear, so I tear myself away from his mouth, slipping my tongue into his ear as my fingers tangle into that glorious mane he calls his hair. I'm rewarded almost instantly as a sharp, stuttering cross between a gasp and a groan tears out of him and I revel in it, hitting the sweet spot again and again until he's shuddering underneath me.

"You're gonna kill me," he pants as his hands clutch at my shoulders, quivering as my laugh vibrates in his ear.

"Never...." I smile as I trail my tongue down his neck, feasting once again on those glorious nipples as he groans my name. "God, you're delicious," I manage to choke out as my tongue runs down his body, my hands curving around him to clutch again at his ass. I can't get enough of it, how it fits so perfectly into my hands, how soft and smooth the skin is, how wonderfully firm yet pliant the flesh is. All of him, inside and out, is so beautiful it sometimes takes my breath away.

My cock throbs angrily as a pleasure-soaked sigh fills my ears and I reluctantly slide one hand free, running it up and down his thigh.

"Yeah...do it...." he whispers as I push on it, bending his leg up as I spread his thighs before me. I can't help but moan as the sight and the smell of him intoxicates me and I move my shaky hand between his splayed legs. "Touch me...." he pleads, his voice raw and needy as my fingers trail across his cock then wrap around the soft sack of flesh behind it. He shudders as I caress his balls, his hips arching up against me in a silent plea as his other leg bends up, spreading his thighs even farther apart.

"Brennan...." I moan as I slip a finger into him, soaking in the sharp, throaty cry that tears out of him as I hit that magical bump buried deep within him. His hips snap up against me as stuttering little sounds spill from his lips and I devour them like a starving man.

"More...please...." he begs as I ease another finger into him, this one slick with lotion and he bucks against me as his breathing grows harsh again.

"So nice and hot...so tight...." I murmur as my fingers stretch him out, nuzzling at his waking cock as he gasps my name, his voice raw with passion. I know he's ready to take me now, but I draw it out, wanting it to last for as long as I can stand it. My tongue darts out and I lick at his balls, a satisfied moan coming out of me as his cock jerks and starts to stiffen again. "Yeah, you want to go all night, don't you baby?" I whisper as my fingers massage the inside of his ass, reveling in the whimpers that tear from his throat.

"Come on Jess...please...." he manages to choke out as he squirms underneath me. "Want it so bad...need it...please...get inside me...."

The raw neediness in his voice ignites a fire in my spine as my cock grows impossibly harder and I shudder against him as I pull back, pushing his legs up against his chest. I lube myself up then slip it between those heavenly mounds of flesh, groaning his name as I start to work my cock inside of him.

"You feel so good...." I pant as I bury myself up to the hilt, soaking in the heat radiating off of his body as I tremble above him, trying to keep my body from detonating. I nearly lose it as Brennan arches against me, a purr of pleasure spilling from his lips as he wiggles down further onto my cock.

"Move...." he breathes against my mouth as he pulls me down for a kiss. "Take me...."

Somehow I'm able to keep myself from exploding inside of him as his tongue slips between my lips and I'm drowning in the taste of him as my hips start to move on their own accord, plunging into his willing body over and over. His legs push against me briefly, then slide from under my arms to wrap around my waist as he meets each thrust with a soft grunt of passion.

"Brennan...oh God...you feel so good!" I manage to stutter as my hips snap against his faster, tangling my fingers into his hair as I devour his mouth hungrily. I shake harder as his hands slide up my arms, digging into my shoulders as he pulls me closer, meeting each thrust as we writhe in each other's arms.

"More...." he gasps as he urges me on with his legs, rocking his ass down onto my cock with each thrust inside him. "Harder...faster...fuck me!"

"YES!" I howl, pushing myself up on my forearms for leverage as I start to hammer deeper inside of him. He's so hot and tight and beautiful as he twists back and forth underneath me, incoherent sounds of passion tearing from his lungs as he clutches at my arms. My eyes start to glaze over as
every nerve in my body starts to crackle and I force my eyes closed, hoping that depriving myself of the sight of him will help me last a little longer.

But I can't close anything else and his ecstatic moans and sighs fill my ears, and the scent of him floods my nose, and the feel, oh God, the FEEL of him becomes so much more intense that my eyes snap open and I revel in the vision before me once again.

"Oh...oh...oh God...." Brennan gasps as he bucks up against me, his fingers digging so deeply into my arms I can feel his fingerprints all the way down to my soul. "So close...." he whispers as he clenches around me and I can't help but scream as the sensations wracking my body reach a boiling point. My mouth falls open and I gasp in a desperate breath, only to have it tear out of me again as my eyes follow one of Brennan's hands as it slides down his body, wrapping around his cock as he pumps it frantically.

The sight pushes me over the edge and I let out a cry of ecstasy as every nerve in me shatters and I explode inside of him, burying myself as deeply as I can manage into his body. He lets out a groan that is almost enough to make me come again as he shoots across my stomach, christening me with the blessing that his passion is.

I shudder violently as my cock gives one last, desperate spurt inside him, then my arms give out and I collapse across his chest with a groan of his name as I gasp for air.

We lay there for endless moments, clutching weakly at each other as our breaths even out and our hearts settle down. I shift slightly and my cock slips out of him as I groan in protest, settling against his side as I soak in the sound of his breathing.

Then, my favorite sound of all is caressing my ears like silk as he slumps against me, burying his face in my hair as he drifts off to sleep.

"I love you too Brennan," I whisper as I follow him into slumber. "I love you too...."



Created on ... April 25, 2003