Better than Beer

Better than Beer


DISCLAIMER: None, really.


SEQUEL?: Doubtful

ARCHIVE?: Sure, just let me know where!

SUMMARY: A short, happy little piece.

FEEDBACK?: Yes, please! Feedback feeds the muse....

NOTES: Needed to write something innocent and happy as I vent pain in my latest "epic."


"Hey, you," I smile as I walk across the lawn, ducking under the branch of the huge oak tree that practically bends to the ground. "How ya doing?"

"Mmm, doin' good," Brennan smiles as he cracks an eye open, stretching lazily.

"Room in there for two?" I ask as I incline my head towards the hammock he's sprawled across.

"Maybe...." he smiles playfully as his gaze roams up and down me. "What's in it for me?" he teases.

"I got beer," I smile, holding up two cold long necks, clinking them together in the late afternoon light.

"Yeah, baby, get in," he grins, wiggling to the side with a huge smile as I plop down next to him. "Yeah, just what I was thirsty for," he sighs happily, tossing his beer aside as he kisses me soundly, pulling me into his arms. "Tastes great."

"Mmm, more filling," I sigh happily as I wrap around him, dropping my beer to the ground.

Nothing like getting high on the good stuff....



Created on ... April 25, 2003