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SUMMARY: Brennan and Jesse have lotsa hot, monkey sex. ;)

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"Jesse." Brennan whispered, curling around the warm, slumbering body of his lover as he slipped into bed. "Hey you." His lips sought out the soft lobe of Jesse's ear, nibbling softly as he molded himself to the curve of his mates back, a soft gasp of need escaping from his lips as he sucked gently on the tender flesh.

"Brennan?" Jesse moaned, rising reluctantly from sleep even as he pressed back into the hard, warm body of his lover. "What time is it?"

"Time for love, baby..." Brennan groaned, pressing himself harder against Jesse, his hips moving of their own accord against his lover's beautifully curved bottom as his fingers began to wander slowly through the soft tangle of hair between his legs.

"Mmmmmm...Brennan." Jesse sighed sleepily, stretching languorously as Brennan's hands continued to slowly explore his body, letting out a soft gasp of pleasure as strong fingers began to play with his steadily peaking nipples. "...and you wonder why I never get enough sleep..."

"Some things are more important than mere sleep..." Brennan chuckled softly, pinching harder on the hardening bits of flesh between his fingers, rolling them slowly, enjoying the sharp moan that spilled from Jesse's lips.

"This...this is true..." Jesse gasped, arching back against Brennan's body, his head turning as his lips mutely begged for kisses.

"Jesse." Brennan gasped, tilting his lover's head back, devouring the lips that were offered to him, tongue hungrily seeking its mate, pulling it back into his waiting mouth. "So sweet...need you..."

"Need you too, Brennan." Jesse moaned as his tongue was pulled into a slow, erotic dance in the warm cavern of their joined mouths, pushing back against the warm stiffness that was pressed between his ass cheeks as it grew steadily. "Brennan...want you."

"Yes." Brennan groaned, one hand continuing to tease the hard buds on Jesse's chest, the other slowly moving down his body, enjoying the soft, deep moans that spilled from his lovers lips. "Want you...need you...have to have you."

They both cried out together as Brennan's hand wrapped around Jesse's stiffening cock, Brennan's senses exploding at the feel of silken steel beneath it as Jesse cried out for more as they writhed together across the bed.

"Yes, Brennan...YES." Jesse gasped as the large hand around him began to pump slowly, arching up into the sensation surrounding him. "More...need it...need you...need you in me..." he whispered.

"Yes." Brennan panted, his other hand sliding between the tempting ass cheeks pressing against him, crying out as Jesse thrust back urgently, moaning out his need as his lovers' finger began to explore between the twin mounds of flesh. "So tight." Brennan whispered, as one finger began to push deeply into the waiting body in his arms, thrusting in and out slowly.

"BRENNAN...." Jesse groaned, pushing back, impaling himself on the welcome intruder in his body, begging for more as it fingered his prostate, pulling cries of ecstasy from his aching lungs. "MORE...please...more."

"Absolutely...." Brennan moaned, slipping another finger into the passage that beckoned him, shaking with need as Jesse cried out, pushing back harder. "More...so tight...baby, you're so tight." Brennan gasped, starting to thrust his fingers deeper into Jesse, reveling in the cries of ecstasy that poured from his lovers lungs as he slowly eased him onto his stomach.

"Oh...God...Brennan...." Jesse whimpered, his legs spreading as his lover rolled onto him. "Now...need it...need it now...please."

"Yes..." Brennan gasped, coating his fingers and cock with the lube he had grabbed from the nightstand. "Need it...need you...."

"Yes." Jesse panted, spreading his legs further, pushing his ass up towards his lover. "Now, damnit... take me!!!!"

"Here I come," Brennan groaned desperately, guiding the head of his aching cock to his mate's waiting opening, thrusting in deeply with a cry of ecstasy. "YES!~!~!"

"BRENNAN!!!!" Jesse screamed as he filled him, arching back against him, hands tearing into the sheets as Brennan began to pound into him, thrusting back frantically. "Good, good, so good, feels so good." he babbled as Brennan drove into him repeatedly, pushing him down into the mattress with each stroke, driving across his prostate with every plunge.

"JESSE." Brennan grunted, senses spinning at the feel of his lover clenching tightly around him, pulling him deeper and deeper into hot, pulsating flesh, crying out his name over and over as he thrust back against him desperately. "So tight, so hot, so sweet...." Brennan whimpered, shaking fingers clenching into the warm flesh of his hips as he pounded into him repeatedly, reveling in the blissful sounds of pleasure that spilled from Jesse's lips, urging him onwards.

"YES...oh Brennan." Jesse moaned as he felt a large hand wrapping around him once again, pumping in rhythm to the hips that slammed into him faster, dragging his body to the edge of ecstasy and over. "BRENNAN!!!!!" Jesse screamed as he felt himself coming in hot, throbbing waves, soaking the hand that held him in hot spurts of pleasure as he shook and trembled around the flesh piercing his body, feeling as it unleashed its need into him, bathing the inside of his body with molten lava. "Yeeessss." Jesse panted, melting onto the bed beneath him, soaking in the trembling heat of his lover as he collapsed onto him, gasping his name into the sweat soaked tangle of his hair.

"God, you're amazing, baby," Brennan sighed, kissing the back of Jesse's neck as he rolled them over onto their sides, wrapping his arms around his lover's still trembling abdomen.

"Considering I never get any sleep." Jesse mock-grumbled as he curled up in Brennan's arms, swatting his shoulder lightly.

"I'm just so mean to you, aren't I, baby?" Brennan laughed, giving Jesse a rough squeeze.

"Just remember this tomorrow night when I'm falling asleep during the search for that damn New Mutant that's been burning things down in the middle of the night," Jesse yawned sleepily.

"Oh shit..." Brennan groaned, remembering that tomorrow was the first of what would undoubtedly be several long nights of stakeouts.

"Yeah, shit," Jesse agreed.

"Well, then I guess there's no sense in wasting our last night at home for the next few nights sleeping, is there?" Brennan grinned lecherously as he pushed Jesse onto his back and rolling on top of him.

Jesse groaned, then smiled, kissing Brennan back. "Coffee's on you this week, pal."

"I'll install an expresso maker in the Double-Helix," Brennan chuckled as he kissed his way down Jesse's neck.

"And a vending machine with No-Doze..."

"Anything you want, baby," Brennan agreed.

" 'Anything'?" Jesse smirked, arching an eyebrow.


"You said anything, Brennan," Jesse pouted.

"Ah, what the hell," Brennan smiled, tossing the blankets over them as he dove onto Jesse. "Anything."

And it was a promise Brennan didn't regret in the least....



Created on ... April 25, 2003