Computer Sex


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SUMMARY: Who says computer sex isn't as good as the real thing?

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NOTES: More shameless Mutant humping


"Hey, Jess," Brennan sighed, walking into the lab. "I'm having a problem with the computer in my room, canya come take a look at it?"

"Sure," Jesse shrugged, shutting down the program he was working on, following Brennan out of the room and down the hallway. "What seems to be the trouble?" he asked as he plopped down into the chair in front of Brennan's computer.

"Well, it seems to be a problem with the software."

"Like what?"

"Well, I think that it needs to be hardware instead...."

"Huh?" Jesse asked puzzeledly, as he turned in the chair. "Brennan, those are two completely different...ah, I see the problem...." he grinned, licking suddenly dry lips as Brennan held his hands out, standing before Jesse in all his glory. "Yes, that definitely looks like a hardware problem...."

"See, I think the trouble is, is that the hard drive needs some work done on it...." Brennan purred as he stepped closer, tangling one hand into Jesse's hair as the other ran down his bare chest, squeezing his cock with a moan. "I think it needs interfacing...with emphasis on the face part...."

"I can see that...." Jesse whispered, sliding suddenly shaky hands onto the hips before him, pulling Brennan closer. "Yeah, definitely going to need to do some work on this joystick...."

"I knew you could take care of it...." Brennan groaned, his head sinking back with a soft cry as Jesse wrapped his arms around his waist, nuzzling at the stiffness that throbbed between his legs. "Align it...make it work properly...."

"Oh, I think I can get it functioning at maximum capacity...." Jesse grinned as his tongue darted out, licking slowly at the dripping head. "Just will need the proper drivers...."

"Yeah...." Brennan gasped, a raw cry tearing from his lips as Jesse wrapped his around Brennan's cock, starting to suck slowly. "I knew you could take care of it...."

"Brennan...." Jesse moaned as he started to suck harder, pulling Brennan's shaking body between his splayed legs. "Just gonna have to do a hard reboot...."

"Very hard...." Brennan agreed as his head lolled back, the hand tangling in Jesse's hair pulling him closer, crying out as Jesse swallowed him down with a groan. "Nice and hard...."

A harsh cry tore from his throat as Jesse's mouth swarmed over him, sucking him down. Jesse's hands cradled his ass as he began to thrust, the other hand sinking into his hair, pulling him onto his cock as he began to rock forward.

"Yeah...." Brennan groaned as his hips snapped forward, plunging deeper into Jesse's willing mouth. "It needs realigning... go for it...."

"We aim to please...." Jesse choked out, pulling back briefly, then diving back onto Brennan's throbbing cock, swallowing him down as Brennan howled, hands clenching desperately into the thick, blond locks they were tangled in, yanking him closer.

"Yeah...now that's what I call customer service...." Brennan gasped, pumping his hips forward, groaning in pleasure as one of Jesse's hands slipped between his legs, fondling his balls as he sucked harder on the thickness stretching his throat, taking it as deeply as he could manage.

"Fuck yeah...." Brennan whimpered, thrusting faster, his fingers kneading into the hair wrapped around his fingers as he started to shake, pistoning faster into the warm, wet mouth wrapped around him. "Definitely four star service...let's go for five, shall we?" he choked, slumping forward as the hand fondling his balls slipped a finger back into his twitching ass, digging in deeply. "Yeah, there we go...gonna get an award for sure...."

Jesse groaned around the throbbing flesh in his throat, yanking Brennan closer. He sucked harder, driving two fingers into the spasming hole behind it, gasping in pleasure as Brennan ground deeper between his lips, thrusting sporadically as moans spilled from his lips.

"Yeah...that's it...so damn good...." Brennan grunted as he slumped forward, fucking Jesse's mouth faster. "Suck it...suck it harder...swallow all that streaming data, baby...."

Jesse groaned in consent around the flesh splitting his throat, ramming his fingers deeper into Brennan's ass. He dug them in violently as Brennan screamed in pleasure, his head snapping back. He shot down Jesse's throat, fingers convulsing in his hair as he yanked him closer, howling into the ceiling as his come flowed down Jesse's throat, pumping weakly as his body began to give out under the sensations rained over and across it.

"Jess...fuck yeah...." Brennan gasped, slumping forward as his cock gave one final spurt, sagging down towards the floor as his knees gave out, slipping out of Jesse's mouth with a groan, body shaking with uncontrollable ecstasy. "So good...."

"Gonna get better...." Jesse whispered, pushing Brennan's trembling body back onto the bed, straddling him as he tore his clothes off. "We always go the extra distance at Jesse.com...." he purred, rolling Brennan onto his stomach, pushing his thighs apart with a groan. "Customer satisfaction is our Number One goal...." he whispered, spreading the ass cheeks before him, flickering his tongue across the reddened pucker as Brennan howled into the pillow beneath him, pushing back into Jesse's grasp.

"Yes...." Brennan moaned incoherently, shoving back weakly. "Please...we need some hardware in our server...."

"We have just what you want...." Jesse whispered, tonguing the flowering hole before him, thrusting his tongue inside as Brennan gasped, shoving his ass back. "Gonna install just what you need...."

"Please...yes...need that ram...." Brennan begged, spreading his legs further as Jesse rimmed him hungrily. "Please...upload it to the mainframe...now...."

"Here it comes...." Jesse moaned, pulling back, lining his throbbing cock up with Brennan's spasming hole. "Ready for the interface?"

"YES...." Brennan choked out, shoving his ass back onto Jesse's cock. "Please...upload it...NOW...."

"Here comes the data packet," Jesse purred, driving into Brennan with a cry, shuddering with pleasure as Brennan convulsed around him, swallowing him in deeply.

"YES...Oh, God, YES!!!!" Brennan howled as Jesse thrust into him, slamming his ass back onto Jesse with a cry. "YES! MORE! Give it to me!!!!"

"Brennan...." Jesse groaned as he pushed into him, hands clenching convulsively into the hips in his grasp, pulling them back roughly onto each lunge, shuddering in pleasure as Brennan tightened around him. "Brennan...fuck yes! So Good! So FUCKING good!"

"Jesse...." Brennan grunted, writhing underneath him as he pounded into him relentlessly. "Fuck me...fuck me harder...do it! Do it!"

"YES!!!!" Jesse screamed, his hips plunging forward as he drove himself into the shaking body beneath him, his head arching back as he screamed into the ceiling. His fingers dug into the soft flesh under them, then he sank down over the wide shoulders beneath him as he fucked the pliant body wrapped around him, gasping in delirious pleasure.

"Jesse...." Brennan whimpered, pushing back against him frantically. "So close...fuck me...fuck me harder...stroke my cock...please...touch it!!"

"Yeah...." Jesse groaned, sliding one hand from the hips he was clenching, wrapping it around the dripping hardness he found on the other side, squeezing it roughly, soaking in the scream of ecstasy that tore from Brennan's throat as he arched back into him, coating his hand with his release.

"Je-Jes-Jesse...." Brennan managed as he collapsed, his ass spasming around Jesse, moaning in pleasure as Jesse let go, shooting deep within him, clinging to him as he cried out his name, then melting onto him with a guttural gasp of pleasure.

"So...." Jesse moaned endless moments later as he nuzzled the back of Brennan's neck. "Can I assume your experience at Jesse.com has been satisfactory, sir?"

"I'll never surf anywhere else...."



Created on ... April 25, 2003