Look What the Easter Bunny Brought

Look What the Easter Bunny Brought...


DISCLAIMER: Holiday snuggles!

PAIRING: B/J. What the hell ELSE is there? lol

SEQUEL?: Just another bit in my B/J universe

ARCHIVE?: Sure, just let me know where!

SUMMARY: A wee bit of holiday fun

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NOTES: Sometimes the Easter bunny brings something REAL good....


"Mmm, look what the Easter bunny left for me," Brennan grinned as he walked into their room, strolling over to Jesse as the blond peered over his shoulder into the full-length mirror.

"How are they looking, Bren?" Jesse said absentmindedly as he turned to face the glass.

"They both look fabulous," Brennan purred as he caressed the naked mounds of flesh in front of him.

"I mean, the *scars*?" Jesse sighed, rolling his eyes as he shook his head with a laugh.

"What, you're standing there butt-naked, and I'm supposed to look at anything *but* your tush?" Brennan protested with a chuckle. "What kind of man do you think I am, anyways?"

"A dirty minded one," Jesse sighed wearily, then wiggled away from the large hands still cradling his ass. "Come on! I'm serious! How do they look?"

"Not as good as your butt," Brennan drawled, then laughed, ducking as Jesse swatted him. "Okay, okay, let me have a look." He ran his fingers lightly around the dark pink, still slightly puckered scars, examining each one closely. "They're definitely fading," he said as he traced each one carefully, smiling as a small shudder ran up Jesse's spine at the soft touch. "You'll be better than new soon," he smiled, pressing a gentle kiss against the back of his neck.

"Really?" Jesse said unsurely as he glanced over his shoulder. "They were pretty ugly."

"And you're really pretty," Brennan smiled, turning Jesse and pulling him into his arms. "Even if you looked like a road map, I'd still want to run my tongue over every square inch of this yummy little bod."

"'LITTLE'?" Jesse asked dryly, shooting his lover a warning look.

"Okay, okay, just short," Brennan teased, yelping as Jesse pinched him hard in the ribs.

"Baby, you've only got a few inches on me in *one* area," Jesse growled playfully as he pushed Brennan back towards the bed with a leer. "NOW...." he mused as his fingers reached for Brennan's fly. "Let's see what the Easter bunny put in this nice, big basket for Jesse, shall we?"

"Wanna do an Easter egg hunt, huh?" Brennan grinned as Jesse slid the zipper down. "There's two hard, round pink *eggs* for ya in here," he purred, running his fingers up and down Jesse's arms. "Plus another yummy treat, if you're a good boy...."

"I'm the best," Jesse winked as he pushed Brennan's pants open and down. "Oo, never seen brown Easter grass before...."

"It's flavored," Brennan chuckled, yelping in surprise as Jesse grabbed the back of his thighs, flipping him onto the bed, then pouncing onto him.

"Bet there's a nice little hole for my rabbit to hide in too," Jesse mused as he tossed Brennan's pants aside, then yanking his shirt off. "Mmm, look at the yummy little jelly beans," he whispered as he lowered his head, licking gently on Brennan's nipples. "Yeah, all pink and tasty...."

"Nice and sweet," Brennan agreed breathlessly as Jesse started to suck harder, nipping carefully on the little points of flesh.

"Tastes so good," Jesse moaned as he ran his tongue around and around them, one hand sliding down the warm body splayed beneath him. "Now, where's my big treat, hmm?"

"You're getting warmer," Brennan groaned as Jesse played with his belly button, starting to squirm against him as he stiffened. "Keep going...."

"Mmm, gonna find my Easter surprise," Jesse murmured against Brennan's chest as his hand eased down further. "Bet it's gonna taste delicious!"

"I-I think you'll like it," Brennan panted. "It's cream filled...-what?" he asked as Jesse exploded into howls of laughter against his stomach.

"That...that is...that is so...Oh my God!" Jesse shrieked with laughter, pounding on Brennan's chest. "That is... just the...just the worst double-entendre yet!"

"And I haven't even gotten to my Peeps reference," Brennan grinned as he pulled Jesse up, hugging him tightly.

"You are just *so* bad," Jesse laughed as he pushed Brennan's hair off of his face, beaming down at him adoringly.

"Yeah, well...you know you love it," Brennan smiled as he pulled Jesse down to him, kissing him lovingly on the nose.

"Yeah, for some strange reason," Jesse smiled. "I really do."



Created on ... April 25, 2003