Glad to be Home

Glad to be Home


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SUMMARY: The end of a long day...

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NOTES: One of my snuggly, smutty little peeks into the pretty B/J world


"Brennan...." Jesse mumbled, as Brennan slid under the covers next to him, curling around him. "Mmmmm...." he sighed happily, snuggling into his arms.

"I'm sorry, Jess, I didn't mean to wake you up," Brennan whispered as he slid his arms around Jesse's warm, lax body, pulling him closer.

"Yeah, I'm complaining *so* much," Jesse smiled, looking up at Brennan through sleepy, happy eyes. "I'm glad you're home."

"Me too," Brennan smiled, pressing a soft kiss onto Jesse's temple, settling back in the bed. He sighed contentedly as Jesse lay across his chest, drifting back into sleep with a blissful purr.


Several hours later, Jesse awoke slowly, looking around the darkened room. He smiled, hearing the steady beat of Brennan's heart under his ear, feeling the warmth and strength of the thick arms wrapped around him, holding him close. He let out a languid, contented purr, stretching slightly, his thigh brushing between Brennan's legs.

"Mmmmm...." he moaned, twisting slightly in Brennan's arms. "No time like the present, I always say...." He slid a hand slowly down Brennan's body, reveling in the feel of the warm, smooth skin, then gently grasped his lover's sleeping cock, running his fingers over it. Brennan let out a tiny sigh, holding Jesse tighter, then sank back into slumber. "Can't stop me that easy," Jesse chuckled slightly, his fingers trailing across the hardening flesh over and over, a small gasp of passion escaping from his lips as Brennan stiffened further against his touch.

Brennan's breathing began to deepen, his hips arching slightly up into Jesse's hand, his fingers starting to clench into Jesse's shoulder as Jesse began to pump him gently, bringing him to full hardness.

"Jesse...." he sighed softly in his sleep, rolling towards him, burying his face in Jesse's hair, letting out a deep moan as he curled up closer.

"Want you, lover...." Jesse gasped into Brennan's ear. "Want you...need you...gotta have you...." He reached over to the nightstand, grasping the lube with one hand as he continued to tease and arouse Brennan with the other, moaning as he rubbed up against him. He pulled back slightly, quickly lubing his fingers, then began to stretch himself out, preparing himself for the hardness that swelled in his hand. He whimpered softly as he fingered himself, his own cock hardening rapidly as he stroked Brennan's, nuzzling his lover's chest as he sank a third finger into his own ass, readying himself.

"Jesse...." Brennan gasped, his hips arching up faster against Jesse's grip, still deep in dreamland as he pushed harder into Jesse's eager hand.

"Yeah...." Jesse moaned, his tongue darting out. He teased Brennan's nipples as he moved over him, pulling his fingers clear of his throbbing with need hole, grasping Brennan's hips tightly. "Gotta taste you first, sweet...." His hot breaths blasted across Brennan's thighs as he lowered his head, licking at the now dripping cock pushing up from between Brennan's legs, moaning in pleasure as he began to take him down, sucking on him slowly.

"Jesse...?" Brennan moaned as he woke, gasping out his lover's name as his hands sank into the thick blond hair draped across his trembling abdomen. "Oh, baby...." he breathed, arching up, pushing himself deeper into Jesse's hungry mouth. "So good... take it...yes...Jesse...."

"Brennan...." Jesse gasped, sucking harder, his fingers digging deeper into the warm flesh of Brennan's thighs, pulling him closer. "Need you...want you...have to have you...Brennan...."

"Yes... Jesse...." Brennan grunted, his hips starting to pump up against Jesse's mouth. His hands kneaded frantically in Jesse's hair, his breaths coming out in short, tight gasps as he thrust deeper into the warm, wonderful wetness that surrounded him, crying out into the warm night's air. "JESSE...."

"Need you...need you in me...." Jesse gasped, pulling back, moving up Brennan's trembling body. "Wanna ride you...feel you inside me...."

"Yes...." Brennan choked, reaching blindly towards the nightstand, groaning in protest as Jesse stopped him, pushing him back down across the bed.

"I'm all ready for you, lover...." Jesse moaned, straddling Brennan's body. He leaned down for a quick, frantic kiss, then pulled back, guiding Brennan's cock between his legs.

"Oh...damn...." Brennan groaned as Jesse began to slowly sink down onto him. He grasped his hips as he felt himself sinking deeply into Jesse's hot, slick ass, crying out in ecstasy as Jesse sat down fully onto him, gasping in pleasure.

"Brennan...." Jesse panted, starting to rock slowly on the hard flesh he was impaled on, crying out as Brennan began to thrust up into him. Shaky hands caressed and kneaded his hips, pulling him down onto every driving plunge upwards as he cried out his name.

" tight...." Brennan gasped, reveling in the hot flesh that clenched frantically around him with every move, feeling his heart hammering in time with Jesse's as he undulated over him, sharp gasps of pleasure spilling from those beautiful, pouty lips.

"Brennan...feels so good...feels so fucking good...." Jesse choked, hands moving across the wide expanse of chest beneath him as he bucked harder, riding Brennan faster. He cried out as Brennan began to pound up, across his prostate, pulling guttural cries of passion from his aching lungs as he screamed out Brennan's name over and over again.

"Jesse...yes...ride me...harder, baby...fuck me...c'mon...harder...more...need it... fuck me harder...c'mon...more...more...take it, baby!!" Brennan choked desperately, feeling the hammering in his body threatening to overwhelm him as he grabbed Jesse's cock in one hand, the other digging harder into a soft handful of his lover's ass.

"YES!!" Jesse screamed as Brennan began to pump him roughly, throwing his head back as he let loose a sharp wail into the ceiling. "So fucking good...Brennan...Love you...need you...feels so good...." he panted. "OhGodBrennanitfeelssofuckinggood!!"

"Hell yeah," Brennan grunted, sliding a hand up Jesse's back, wrapping his fingers into the thick blond hair, pulling Jesse down to ravage his mouth hungrily. "'re so sweet...."

"Brennan...." Jesse moaned as his tongue dueled with Brennan's, rubbing their chests together as he rode his lover harder, fingers clenching and massaging the taut muscles in Brennan's neck and shoulders. "So good...yes...." he panted, devouring his mouth with a muffled cry. "B-B-Brennan...." he stuttered, feeling the waves of convulsions starting in his toes, racing up his body. "Gonna...gonna come...I'm coming...yes...yes...YesBrennanOhYesYESYES!!!" he screamed, wrapping his fingers tightly around the back of Brennan's head, burying his face in his shoulder as he shot across his chest with an inarticulate cry of pure pleasure. "Brennan...."

Brennan could only gasp as he grunted out sharp sounds of ecstasy into Jesse's ear as his muscles spasmed around him, milking his orgasm out of him in a convulsive rush as his fingers dug deeply into Jesse's hair, holding him tightly against the crook of his neck as Jesse rode out the final shaky thrusts of Brennan's hips.

"Jesse...." Brennan sighed, melting back into a satiated puddle of flesh as Jesse draped over him with a breathy groan of delight, nuzzling up under his chin with the last few dregs of energy in his body.

"I'm sorry, baby," Jesse chuckled lightly as he drifted off to sleep. "I didn't mean to wake you up...."

Brennan laughed, pulling the warm, spent body of his lover closer. "Yeah, I'm complaining *so* much...."

And Brennan was glad that Jesse was home, too.



Created on ... April 25, 2003