A Fine Line Between Heaven and Hell


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PAIRING: Brennan/Jesse, kinda, but not really

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SUMMARY: Jesse wants something he can't have

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You know those moments in life, when you need something to happen, something so simple, so easy, something that would absolutely save your life and your sanity if it would only happen, but it doesn't? When you would practically sell your soul to have one, tiny, miserable, insignificant thing to occur, but the universe just laughs in your face and sits back to watch you squirm?

Well, that's my life right now.

I grit my teeth harder, almost to the point where I can feel my teeth start to shatter as I offer up anything to the universe if it would just grant me this one, tiny, miserable favor. Damn it, it's something everyone does every day, why can't I just have it now? Why can't I do it?

Why can't I just fall asleep?

But, of course, the harder I pray, the more awake I become, and also, the harder I get. Damn the universe, and damn the powers that be, and damn Adam and these away from home missions when the hotels are overbooked and we have to share rooms, and especially damn my eyes, which refuse to shut, no matter how hard I try to force them closed.

Another soft sound echoes across the space before my hungry gaze, and I surrender, resigned to my fate as heaven and hell conspire to drive me insane.

I bite my lips to keep from screaming as I watch, frozen in place, as Brennan's hand slides down his body, watching as thick fingers wrap around a larger thickness, and I drink in the sight before me.

Another soft moan spills from him as he slowly strokes his cock and I stare, transfixed, as he hardens further, thrusting carefully into his fist as stifled pants spill from those perfect lips.

His breaths get deeper, harsher, as his hand starts to move faster over his cock, and he buries his face into his pillow to muffle the groans trying to escape from his lungs, and it takes every bit of strength I have to lie still and watch as he continues to pleasure himself, wanting nothing more than to replace his hand with mine, my mouth, my ass, anything....

I stare, fascinated, as he rolls onto his back, stroking himself faster as I start to salivate as the bright moonlight breaking through the curtains lights him up, making the thick drops of passion dripping from his cock glisten like priceless pearls as they languidly roll down his shaft and over his fingers. I swear, I would sell my soul right now to taste just one, but both God and the Devil must be busy as no answer comes to the plea that screams from deep within my very being.

A stifled moan spills from his lips as he starts to pump harder into his hand, the other sliding down that magnificent body until it's caressing his balls, pulling, stroking tugging and I swear I'm about to die as I drink in the view before me as he writhes across the sheets.

My heart is pounding in my chest, my lungs are pleading for extra air as I force myself to lie still and breathe evenly, desperately pretending to be asleep as I fight back the tremors wracking my body as my cock throbs in sheer lust for the man in front of me.

Another soft moan spills from him as he pumps faster, legs splaying wide as he continues to pleasure himself; thick, fat pearls of passion now leaking steadily from his cock as he squirms under his own ministrations, head arching back as the ecstasy starts to overtake him.

The Gods that were previously ignoring me decide to come to my aid just then as I'm able to bite back a scream as he suddenly arches up, spilling wave after wave of white, glistening come over his clenched fist as strangled moans spill from his lips as he shudders in pleasure.

Then, it's all over, as he slumps back into the bed, shakily wiping himself clean with a hastily grabbed handful of tissues and I somehow manage to stay still as my own orgasm explodes out of me, tearing me into pieces as it soothes me.

My gaze continues to hungrily drink in the sight of him as he tosses the soaked tissues into the garbage can, curling up into himself with a contented sigh as he pulls the covers over him, settling into slumber.

And I have no idea if I want to live or die as I force myself into sleep.



Created on ... April 25, 2003