Romance Shmo-mance

TITLE: Romance, Shmo-mance


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SUMMARY: A casual afternoon romp

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NOTES: This is one of my very first MX fics. Had it filed in a weird place, so that's why it was never posted before. Suddenly remembered it last night, so here it is! Enjoy!


"Soooo..." Brennan drawled casually, tossing his arm around Jesse's shoulders as he trotted up behind him, knocking the newspaper out of his hand as he walked down the hall. "Wanna fuck?"

"And they say romance is dead," Jesse chuckled, leaning down to pick up the paper, letting out a surprised yelp as Brennan swatted him on the ass.

"Romance, shmo-mance," Brennan leered as Jesse stood up, rubbing at his rear. "I don't want romance right now, I just want to rip your clothes off with my teeth, and butt-fuck you stupid."

"That's acceptable," Jesse shrugged with a grin, tossing the paper aside, wrapping his arms around Brennan's neck. He pulled him closer as Brennan growled out his approval, hands slipping around him, clutching at his ass.

"Good," Brennan purred, rubbing his crotch against Jesse's, a wicked smile playing across his lips as he felt Jesse stiffening against him. "We'll do hearts and flowers later...right now, it's just hard-ons and, er, other kinds of flowering...."

"Mmmm, you can pollinate my rosebud anytime," Jesse grinned as Brennan pushed him back against the door to their room, one hand leaving his ass just long enough to push it open, then stumbling inside.

"Yeah...that's the stuff," Brennan moaned as the door slammed behind them as Jesse pressed into his arms, sucking him down into a deep kiss. "Very good stuff...."

"All quality," Jesse agreed with a shaky sigh as one of Brennan's hands slipped between his legs, squeezing him roughly through the thin denim, massaging his crotch as he moved him back towards the bed.

"You really need to learn how to focus and just phase out of your clothes," Brennan complained as his fingers worked at the buttons on Jesse's shirt. "It would make my life so damn much easier."

"Bitch, bitch, bitch," Jesse mused as his fingers attacked Brennan's pants. "How about you? Gonna learn how to blast your clothes off?"

"I'll show you blasting," Brennan leered as he yanked Jesse's jeans open and down his legs, stepping out of his as Jesse kicked his aside, shrugging out of his shirt.

"Mmmm, show me," Jesse grinned, settling back onto the bed, sprawling across it as Brennan pulled off his sweater, tossing it aside as he jumped onto the bed, straddling Jesse with a chuckle.

"Absolutely," Brennan grinned, lowering his head down, his tongue lapping slowly at the stiff peaks of Jesse's nipples, moaning as Jesse arched against him in pleasure.

"Yeah...that's it...suck 'em...." Jesse whispered, one hand tangling in the thick, dark brown locks that trailed across his flushed skin as the other clutched at the pillow beneath his head. "Mmmm, yeah, use those lips on me, baby!"

"Like this?" Brennan purred, wrapping them around one stiff nub, suckling carefully as Jesse cried out, pulling his head down closer.

"Yeah, that's good," Jesse moaned, his fingers kneading the back of Brennan's head as he started to suck harder, his tongue joining in, worrying at the flesh in his mouth as Jesse bucked against him. "So good!"

"You taste so sweet," Brennan panted, trailing the tip of his tongue across Jesse's chest, treating the other throbbing nipple to the same sweet torture, hands caressing Jesse's back as he writhed beneath him.

"Brennan...." Jesse breathed luxuriously as Brennan moved up his body, devouring his mouth in a hungry kiss, lowering himself onto Jesse as they tangled together.

"Jesse...." Brennan gasped as a hand slipped between their bodies, wrapping around his throbbing cock, moaning softly as he pumped into the tight grip, head arching back with a cry. "What you do to me...."

"Like that, huh?" Jesse purred, squeezing harder, then rubbing Brennan's cock against his stomach. "What do you want, Bren?" he asked softly as Brennan thrust his cock between his hand and his belly. "Tell me what you want."

"Suck me," Brennan whispered, moving up Jesse's body slowly. "Please...suck my cock...taste me...."

"Love to," Jesse whispered, curving his hands around Brennan's hips, cradling his ass as Brennan straddled his chest, guiding his cock to Jesse's lips, caressing his face with a shaky hand.

"Suck it," Brennan pleaded as Jesse's tongue darted out, licking hungrily at the dripping tip. "Please...suck it!"

"Yeah...." Jesse moaned as Brennan's cock slipped between his lips, running his tongue around the head as Brennan cried out, trembling above him as one shaky hand curved around his head, the other clutching desperately at the headboard for support as he started to thrust slowly.

"Jesse," Brennan panted, sinking in deeper, a low moan of ecstasy spilling from his lips as Jesse's mouth started to work his cock, his hands kneading the tight buttocks in his grasp. "Damn...oh yeah...that's so fucking good!" Brennan whispered as Jesse's tongue wrapped around his shaft, slowly pulling Brennan's cock deeper into his mouth.

"Fingers...." Brennan gasped endless moments later, running his hand through Jesse's hair. "Use your fingers...play with my hole...come on...."

Jesse moaned around the bulk in his mouth, his hand slipping between Brennan's spread ass cheeks, one finger exploring slowly into the sweaty crevice.

"Yeah...that's it," Brennan urged, rocking his ass back onto the probing digit. "Slip it me...work it...come on, Jess, fuck my ass with your fingers!"

"Nice...." Brennan panted long moments later as he rocked slowly, back onto the finger buried within him, then forward into Jesse's mouth, then back again. "Another finger...." he gasped, spreading his thighs wider. "Use another one!"

"Fuck yeah!" Brennan enthused as another digit worked into him, starting to rock faster and deeper into Jesse's mouth. "So good...move 'em around...c'mon Jess, fuck me with 'em!"

"Damn, that's good," Brennan choked out long moments later, pumping his hips back and forth. "You're a sexy little shit, you know that?" he gasped, licking his lips hungrily as he gazed down at Jesse, one hand sliding out of his hair as he began to stroke his own chest, playing with his nipples as his eyes locked with Jesse's. "Yeah, take it...." he purred as Jesse swallowed him down deeper. "So absolutely fucking amazing...."

His head nodded back as the pleasure began to collect in the base of his spine, harsh breaths tearing from his lungs as he shook, gripping Jesse's hair harder as he pumped frantically into his mouth. His other hand grabbed desperately at the headboard again, trying to hold himself up as he cried out, feeling the tension winding his body unbearably tighter, then exploding out through every nerve as he screamed, shooting down Jesse's throat.

"Fuck...yes...JESSE!" he howled as shudders wracked his body, sweat gleaming from his pores as he trembled in ecstasy, slumping against the headboard with a moan of his lover's name. He surrendered all control as his muscles gave out, letting Jesse ease him onto his back, pulling his legs into the air as he gasped for breath.

"Yeah...fuck me...." he whispered as Jesse worked his aching cock into the relaxed hole, hands holding his legs steady as he pushed inside him with a moan, then let them drop to the side where they wrapped around his waist, clinging weakly as Jesse started to thrust.

"Yeah...so nice and tight," Jesse groaned, his hands on either side of Brennan's head as he pistoned in and out of his ass, his body already screaming for release as he licked at his lips, tasting the remains of Brennan's come there. "Tastes good too," he panted, one hand sliding down Brennan's stomach, collecting the last few drops that dripped from his cock, then sucking on his fingers as his eyes locked with Brennan's.

"Holy shit!" Brennan gasped as the sight made his cock twitch violently, shaky hands reaching up to wrap around Jesse's shoulders.

"Mmmm, so good," Jesse whispered as he slowly pulled his fingers out of his mouth, his eyes never leaving Brennan's as he shuddered beneath him. "All of you tastes good," he purred, sucking Brennan's tongue into his mouth, plunging his own in as Brennan arched against him, clinging to him tighter. "All of you feels so fucking amazing!"

"Jesse," Brennan whimpered as he began to pump into him faster and harder, rocking him back into the mattress. Brennan wrapped his legs tighter around Jesse's waist, starting to push his ass down in rhythm to Jesse's thrusts. "More...harder...damn, you feel good...fuck me, Jesse...fuck me!"

"Gonna make you scream," Jesse grunted as he plowed in deeper. "Gonna make you scream my name...fuck you so good!"

"Yes, Jesse," Brennan gasped as Jesse began to hammer into him, slamming him back into the bed over and over. "Fuck me...fuck me harder baby...oh God, fuck me Jess!"

"Yeah, scream for me," Jesse panted as he hooked his hands behind Brennan's thighs, pushing them up against his chest as he pounded into him, reveling in the feel of Brennan's ass as it convulsed around him. "So fucking good," he growled as Brennan screamed, arching up against him. "You're mine," he hissed, sucking Brennan into a frantic kiss, driving his tongue into the back of his mouth. "Say it! Say you're mine!"

"Yours," Brennan choked out as he pushed down harder onto the cock impaling him. "All yours...never anyone else...but you're mine...say it!" he snarled as his fingers tangled deeper into Jesse's hair, yanking his head back.

"I'm yours," Jesse groaned, fighting against Brennan's hands to get back to his mouth. "Kiss me, damn it!"

"Yeah," Brennan grinned as he yanked Jesse's head back to his, feeding hungrily on his mouth, purring in pleasure as Jesse stiffened, shooting into him with a scream, driving him back into the bed as he shuddered above him.

"Come for me!" Jesse gasped as he ground his stomach against Brennan's cock, letting out a gasp of ecstasy as Brennan arched up against him, spurting across his stomach as he emptied himself into the hot channel wrapped around him. "Yeah...fucking amazing," he panted as he melted across Brennan's body, burying his face in the sweaty neck beneath him. "So fucking hot, baby...."

"Jesse," Brennan moaned as his legs fell back to the bed, clutching weakly at the sweaty arms wrapped around him. "Absolutely fucking amazing...."

"Yeah," Jesse sighed contentedly as he settled into Brennan's arms, clinging to him tightly. "Absolutely...."