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The TenthMuse1


The Devil in Me-- Brennan's being a tease, and Jesse doesn't know if he's coming or going...literally NC17

Payback -- Emma's sick of Shalimar's wild ways and decides to give her a taste of her own medicine. NC17

Epilogue -- Adam's late night wanderings and wonderings. G.

Caught -- Brennan catches Jesse somewhere embarrassing.

Wants...Needs... -- Adam wants, Jesse needs... Co written by TalithaX


Altered States

Nightmares Lived -- An AU where evil gets a little helping hand and MutantX are struggling to survive. WARNING! Major character death! Also, slash, non-con issues, and lots of violence and swearing. Generally speaking, it's not a pretty story and filled with angst. This one is going to be at least a two parter. R.

Tarnished Dreams -- Adam's trying to figure out a way back to the right reality but on the journey back, Mason unleashes a devastating new weapon.

Reality -- Brennan's trying to reconcile himself and his feelings with reality while Adam just gets everything allll wrong.

Stand Alones

Fantasy - Brennan -- Sometimes the best fantasies are the simplest ones. PG.

Just love me -- Brennan and Adam are having communication problems until Brennan clears the air with a heart felt plea

Wild is the Wind -- A morning and an evening spent in bed with Adam and Brennan.

Declaration -- Brennan finally tells Adam how he feels.

Merging Series.

Crossover with The Sentinel

Merging 1:0 Exposure -- After Blair's press conference to give Jim his life back, Adam attempts to woo the young anthropologist onto his team and inadvertantly exposes Blair and Jim to the notice of a secret government agency with ties to the underworld

Merging 2:0 Intermix --Jim and Blair try the best they can to mix with the members of MutantX. Adam gets a nasty revelation from Brennan. R

Merging 3.0: Fusion -- Adam's been taken by an old enemy and the newly reformed team has to work together to get him back.


Jealousy -- Emma's a little jealous when Shalimar seems to get serious about someone else. R

Fire -- Shalimar has issues with how she handled the whole fear of fire thing and Emma gets smacked headfirst with the clue-bus, or, actually, gets run over by it. *grin*


Created on ... April 29, 2003