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Mental Games -- Things are not always as they seem.

Reality Dreaming -- Ashlocke takes his 'issues' with Adam and Mutant X to an all new and personal level. Be aware this is a n/c story. If that squicks you, don't read.

Acceptance -- Brennan's new to Mutant X and he has to come to terms with his conflicting emotions towards Jesse

Fever -- A virus escapes from Genomex that has interesting consequences for Brennan. And, no, it's nowhere near as serious as that might make it sound... Hell, it ain't serious at all. Not even close in fact.

Lying from You -- Jesse's past comes back to haunt him. Sequel to Acceptance.

A Promise Kept -- Jesse finds hope from a completely unexpected source.

Whatever it Takes -- Er... It's angst and we'll just leave it at that, okay?

A Sanctuary Easter -- Just like the title says.

Wants...Needs... -- Adam wants, Jesse needs... Co written by TheTenthMuse1

Issues of Sensitivity -- Jesse has a bad day.

Wheel of Fortune -- Just a little, shall we say, *different* take on 'I Scream...' *g* In other words, I've *slightly* amended how Brennan became a member of Mutant X. Only slightly though, honest. *g*

Choices -- Basically Brennan guilt tripping over what went down in Hillview.

Paper Doll -- Jesse's new boyfriend is a little more than he appears.

The Greater Good -- Life isn't a bed of roses, basically.

Playing God -- Emma's emotions in relation to her powers and what she did to the others in the previous fic


Created on ... April 29, 2003