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Notes: Narrated by Brennan Self beta'd

Summary: A virus escapes from Genomex that has interesting consequences for Brennan. And, no, it's nowhere near as serious as that might make it sound... Hell, it ain't serious at all. Not even close in fact.

Warnings: None other than it was written and posted on the spur of the moment...



Half asleep through boredom, Adam's voice suddenly coming through my comlink shocks me awake, very nearly giving me heart palpitations in the process.

"Mmm... I'm here," I reply, stifling a yawn and sniffing a cup of half empty cup of coffee I find sitting on the dashboard. It smells like nothing on earth and I quickly decide I really don't need a caffeine pick-me-up *that* badly.

Adam sighs. "Where's *here* exactly?" he queries, sounding tired and not at all in mood for being jerked around.

"Still outside Perry's. You said to stay here in case Kayla rocked up," I mutter, putting the lid back on the offensive smelling coffee and placing it carefully on the passenger seat. "Given that I've been sitting here for four freakin' hours and haven't seen her I'm kinda getting the impression that Perry's isn't on Kayla's list of must hit places for the evening. Do you want me to go somewhere else?"

Please God. Let him want me to go somewhere else. There's only so much futile surveillance I can take and right now I've just about reached the end of my limit.

"Forget about Kayla. I want you back at Sanctuary ASAP," Adam states flatly, sighing again. "Jesse's become infected with the virus and I want you here to keep an eye on him."

"*What*?" I exclaim, shaking my head in disbelief. Good one. Go Jess. "Shit! How the hell did that happen?"

"He was helping me in the lab and a vial containing some of the samples I was working on broke. It was an accident," Adam explains matter-of-factly, his tone of voice indicating to me that now is not the time for a quick game of twenty questions. "The changes have already started and, just to be on the safe side, I want you here in case something goes wrong. Emma's found Matthew and I need to go to them in order to administer the antidote."

"I'm on my way," I mutter, starting the Audi and, with a quick, fleeting glance in the rear vision mirror, pulling out from the curb. "Jess will be okay though, right?"

"I see no reason why he won't be," Adam replies. "I've already given him the antidote but, as I told you before, it takes a couple of hours or so to kick in. Until then he's livin' it large as a Feral. You saw how Taylor pushed himself too far with his new powers and fell off that roof. I don't think I need to tell you that I don't want the same thing to happen to Jesse. Just watch him. Let him do his own thing and don't intervene unless you have to but at the same time never take your eye off him. Until the antidote begins to work he isn't the Jesse you know."

"Gotcha," I declare firmly, weaving the Audi in and out of traffic. "I'll be there in ten." The drive to Sanctuary from Perry's usually takes close to twenty but tonight I have every intention of halving it.

"See you later," Adam murmurs, closing the link. I take the fact that he didn't give me a brief lecture on not drawing attention to myself by driving as though I'm practicing for a street race as proof of his concern.

The latest virus to escape from the wonderful world of Genomex Land, for reasons none of us have yet been able to ascertain, turns non Feral new mutants into -- go figure -- Ferals. Taking into consideration that he's completely loopy, it probably makes perfect sense to Eckhart. Maybe, deep down and exceptionally well hidden, he's a lover of animals. Let's face it, God alone knows. We sure as fuck don't.

The first we knew of the virus was when mild mannered Louis, a Psionic who'd burst into tears if he so much as accidentally stepped on an ant, went medieval and started to beat on Marshall, a Molecular built like the proverbial brick shithouse who just happens to have a) a bad temper at the best of times and b) a black belt in just about every martial arts discipline there is. By all accounts Louis held his own for, oh, something like thirty seconds, before Marshall threw him into a wall and, despite hissing and spitting and swearing revenge, that was it. From that exemplary start the virus spread like wildfire, indiscriminately picking hosts everywhere it went.

To put it mildly, it's a huge fucking mess. Ferals are, by nature, territorial. They like *their* space and *their* people. Because this virus is changing *their* people it's pissing them off and fights have been breaking out everywhere there's an enclave of new mutants. If 'proper' Ferals aren't fighting 'new' Ferals then the 'new' Ferals are just wanting to take on anyone they can to prove themselves. If not for the unaffected stepping in as referees there'd be some serious blood loss happening. On that note, the less said about the current state of safe house three the better. Whoever's unlucky enough to get the task of cleaning *that* mess up is going to be there for days.

Adam, as usual, is on top of it though. Not wanting to take any chances, Shalimar was sent, much to her considerable annoyance, out of town and within hours of being alerted to what was going on he'd come up with a virus and a list of the infected. He explained it all to me but, ah, well, I kinda zoned out after I heard that he'd devised a cure and that everything was going to be okay. Hey! Sue me. I listened to the important points.

"If you spot your target stay in the car and I'll be there as soon as I can. Under no circumstances are you to approach them. If you have to get out of the car you will need to wear a protective suit. The last thing we want is for any of you to become infected."

Me, I'd thought, as instructions from Adam went, they were pretty straightforward and easy to follow.

It's just a shame that Jesse obviously didn't think so. Given that he stayed back to help Adam I have no fucking idea what part of 'protective suit must be worn at all times' he didn't understand. What's done is done and all that but, sheesh! Sure the boy could do with letting his hair down occasionally but I really don't think this is the best way to go about it. Knowing Jess though his Feral side will probably present itself in the form of a domestic cat and I'll find him curled up asleep on the sofa.

Oh well. Watching Jess sleep? I can, ahem, deal with that. Not a problem.


Walking into Sanctuary from the garage it becomes immediately obvious that whatever Jess is doing it isn't sleeping.

Fuck me.

I like music, and I'm all for volume, but, Christ! If he's trying to wake the dead he's going the right way about it. Music, the volume of which is making the steps leading up to the Dojo vibrate, I swear, is coming out of every set of speakers in Sanctuary. I've been to concerts that have been quieter. Hell, that have been a *lot* quieter.

While I'm not worried about Jess going all smack down on me I *am* worried as to what he could be up to. Not only is the whole of Sanctuary rocking to...

Hang on!

That's my CD he's playing! Well there you go, I didn't even think he liked The Music. One thing's for sure though, he picked the right CD to crank up the volume on. Loud, rocking, *sexy*. Now that my eardrums have adjusted to the noise it's starting to sound good, *real* good.

Now, where was I? Ah, that's right, not only are the groovy sounds of The Music blasting their way through all of Sanctuary but all the lighting is dimmed as well, creating a hazy, almost surreal atmosphere that...

Oh dear God.

Not all of those infected turned violent. I remember now. Although in the minority, some, for the want of a better description, went on heat. Like, *really* on heat. On heat as in, in Gayle's case, being unable to control the desire to perform an impromptu striptease in the food hall of Spring Banks mall before chasing down a young security guard and ripping off his pants.


Fuck. What if he's not even here? If he's slipped out and taking his a libido for a strut downtown then I'll never be able to find him. And if I do I'll have to beat on whoever it is he's picked up. And then Adam will be disappointed in me and Shalimar will have a go at me for having failed Jesse, and...

To hell with that.

I've gotta find him.

A sense of urgency settling over me, I start to -- do a wonderful impersonation of a headless chicken -- run through Sanctuary, my unease growing with every empty room I poke my head into. Just as I'm beginning to consider giving in and throwing myself whole heartedly into full panic mode, I find him -- inconsiderately oblivious to the turmoil I'm feeling -- walking casually out of his room.

Oh dear God.


Too bright blue eyes blink at me as a pink tongue darts out between his lips, licking around them in a sensual gesture that goes straight to my groin. Well it's either the tongue or the black leather pants that are suddenly making me feel all hot and bothered. It's a close call. Tight black leather pants that I didn't even know he owned and nothing else. Bare feet, bare chest shimmering with a light sheen of sweat, head cocked to one side, mouth hanging slightly open, body moving to the rhythm of the music, hair all mussed up - he's an erotic dream brought to life...

*My* erotic dream. The one I've been working very industriously on ignoring. Team mate equals out of bounds. Right? Just 'cos I'd give my left arm to have him doesn't mean that I'm ever going to do anything about. Look, fantasise, but don't touch. I thought I had it under control. Now however...


Clearly amused by my no doubt stunned expression, Jess laughs and, his gaze never leaving me, starts to back down the corridor. He moves like a Feral, all effortless grace and faultless style. When I start to slowly follow him he laughs again, his glittering eyes telling me that he thinks it's all a game.

I don't know what to do. Self-preservation tells me to lock myself in my room and to stay the hell away from him. Unfortunately though I can't let him out of my sight, which kinda makes the whole hiding away thing an impossibility. A quick glance at my watch lets me know that he could stay like this for hours yet. While Adam's antidote has a one hundred percent success rate it depends entirely on the individual as to how long it takes to start working.

Raising Adam on the comlink being out because of the music, I know that I'm on my own and that I just have to hope for the best. If worst comes to worst I'll just hit him with a volt of low enough voltage to knock him out and that'll be the end of it. Not that I want it to come to that. God no. While I can accept the idea in theory I'm not too sure I'd actually be able, when push came to shove, to do it. Zap Jess? Um... *Maybe* if he wasn't looking at me at the time. If he was looking at me though? Forget it. I couldn't do it.

Reaching the end of the corridor, Jess watches me come towards him through heavy lidded eyes, his thumbs hooked into the waist of his pants, pulling them even further down and exposing his navel. I'm almost to him, not that I have the slightest idea of what I'm going to do when I get there, when, grinning, he pushes himself up against the wall and phases through it, leaving me standing flat-footed and staring at a wall that I can't get through.


Swearing under my breath, I spin around and, running at full speed, take the quickest route to the Dojo -- which is what's on the other side of the wall -- that I know. By the time I get there I've ran into two walls and a table and am feeling sorry enough for myself at it is without then having to discover that I'm too late and that Jess has already disappeared.

Kicking a wall in frustration, I run my fingers through my hair and roll my eyes heavenwards, spotting Jess balanced precariously on top of the Dojo in the process. Like the fucking Cheshire Cat, he grins down at me, seemingly perfectly at home with his lofty position. Blue eyes blink at me languidly as, again, he licks his lips. Despite the fact that now is *so* neither the time nor the place I can feel myself hardening.

"Jess! Will you please get the fuck down from there!" I yell as the CD changes tracks. "C'mon! If the antidote kicks in while you're perched up there you'll fall on your ass and..." I trail off as the music starts up again and shrug wearily.

Sighing heavily, I make my way up to the centre of the Dojo, Jess watching my every move. Once I'm directly under him he surprises me by gracefully leaping down and landing directly in front of me. Not having expected it, I can only stand there open mouthed as, still grinning, he steps up to me, pushing his hips against mine, his arms held loosely behind his back, his eyes staring into mine. Numbly, I shake my head, too flustered to move away. It takes the feel of his own arousal coming in contact with my thigh to get me to lurch into action. Reaching up, I try to put my hands on Jess' shoulders, to push him away, but he's too fast for me. One second he's in my face and the next he's phased through me -- aaargh! I hate it when he does that -- his hands gripping my shoulders, turning me around. My mind has barely grasped this when, without warning, he, surprisingly gently, knocks me to the floor. Following me down, he's straddling my thighs before I've even had time to get my breath back.

Once again... Help!

Too stunned to do anything else, I lie still, transfixed by the look of sheer, wanton desire in Jess' eyes. His lips parted and moist, he watches me intently. Through the mass of confusion in my head I realise that he's giving me the chance to get away, that despite the primal need coursing through his body he'd still never force me into anything. His holding back also tells me that Jess, the real Jess, is still very much somewhere inside the body straddling mine.

Common sense being trampled by desire, I look into the searing blue of Jess' eyes and nod. Just call me selfish. I've wanted Jess too long to deny myself a chance, however wrong it may be, at having him. If we live to regret it then, well, so be it. I'm not strong enough to push him away.

Grinning wolfishly, my acceptance received and noted, Jess leans forward and starts to lick my neck as his hands scrabble to undo the buttons of my shirt. When his coordination fails him he gives up and just rips it open. I'm so caught up in the moment that I don't even care that he's just ruined one of my favourite shirts. Pushing the remnants of my shirt off my shoulders, Jess makes short work of getting it out of his way as his tongue continues to trace around my neck and collarbone. The sensation is like nothing else. When, changing tack, he shuffles further down my legs and licks a leisurely path along the centre of my chest I very nearly buck straight off the floor in delight.

My taste obviously pleasing him, Jess kisses, licks and nuzzles his way around my entire torso, paying close attention to my nipples in particular, as my erecting tries to claw its way through the fly of my jeans. When he's confident that he's intimately acquainted with all of my chest, Jess sits back and stretches languidly. Making a bid for control, I try to sit up, to touch him, but he isn't having any of it. The Cheshire Cat grin being replaced by one that would make Little Red Riding Hood think twice about making small talk with grandmamma, Jess places both his hands on my shoulders and pushes me back down.

Okay. So I just have to lie here. Fair enough. I can deal with that.

Oh! Oh God! Now I can *really* deal with it.

Leaning forward once again, Jess settles his lips on mine, kissing me passionately as his hands reach down to the waist of my jeans. Lost in the intensity of the kiss, the feeling off cool air caressing my cock is a welcome surprise. Using an incredible amount of control given the situation, Jess phases his lower body, allowing me to lift my hips so he can pull my jeans down. Somehow I manage to kick my boots and socks off and suddenly I'm naked, my erection more desperate than ever for some attention to be paid to it.

Heeding its plaintive cry for assistance, Jess breaks the kiss and, repeating his earlier trick of licking and nuzzling my chest, works his way towards it. When he flicks his tongue out, tasting the tip of my cock, I gasp and idly wonder whether he'd like me to beg. Hell, right now I admit it, I have no shame, my one and only aim being release.

Resting back on my elbows, I close my eyes and give into sensation as, familiarisation time apparently over and done with, Jess deep throats me. My senses under fire from the pulsating music and the unbelievable pleasure of Jess' mouth and tongue working my cock, it doesn't take much to push me over the edge. Not wanting to appear to be on a short fuse or anything, I try to hold back, I really do. As much as I want the experience to last my body has other, conflicting ideas on the matter and it takes next to nothing to bring me to climax.

Well, to be exact it takes a hand latching around my balls and -- oh boy! -- that's it, game over.

Oh yeah. And how.

I come screaming something nonsensical about God, fucking and incredible talent before my elbows give up and I slump limblessly back down on the floor. Opening my eyes -- which, trust me, is no mean feat -- I look down at Jess just in time to watch him release my cock from his mouth, his expression serene. Noticing my eyes on him, he smiles softly and strokes my cheek, his earlier aggression seemingly having deserted him. Looking at him, kneeling between my legs with his hair all rumpled and his eyes wide, I can feel my desire immediately peak again.

I've had my turn though. Now it's time for me to return the favour.

Convincing my body that it wants to move, I drag myself into a kneeling position, positioning myself in front of Jess. He looks at me curiously, unsure as to what's expected of him. Smiling at him reassuringly, I place my hands on his hips and shuffle closer until our bare chests are lightly touching. Even over the music I hear his short gasp of surprise. Up close like this I feel as though I could drown in his eyes. Gliding my hands up his torso, I lean in and kiss Jess gently on the lips. He reacts instinctively, returning the kiss without hesitation.

The kiss deepening, I leave one hand resting on his shoulder while dropping the other to his groin. Cupping him through the leather of his trousers, I can feel his hardness pushing insistently at the fly, clawing, like mine before it, to be released. Now not being the time to tease, I fumble for the zip, pulling it down through more luck than skill on my part. Underwear apparently not being on the agenda tonight, his cock springs free and I close my hand around it, rubbing my thumb backwards and forwards across the tip. Pushing into my grasp, Jess digs his fingers into my hips, effectively anchoring himself to me.

Our lips remaining locked together, I somehow retain enough motor neuron control to slowly, very slowly, work Jess' cock with my hand. It's, you know, a male thing. With few exceptions we all like the same thing. Talking from personal experience here, I'm good -- even if I do say so myself -- with my hand. I sense that he's near orgasm when all ten of his fingernails embed themselves into my hips, nearly causing me to yelp. Tomorrow, assuming of course he's still talking to me, I think I might just suggest that the time has come to trim his nails.

With eerie timing, Jess climaxes, his relief spilling over my hand as he slumps, drained, against me, just as the CD stops and silence descends over Sanctuary. As though synchronised, we pull back from the kiss at the same time as well. As climaxes go it's kinda... ah... well... an anticlimax.

Suddenly wary that the moment may be over and that all hell may be about to break loose, I lean back from Jess and, hesitantly, glance across at him. He meets my gaze reluctantly, his cheeks blushing a particularly rosy shade of pink. It's clear that he's now fully himself, that the Feral virus has -- just like that -- been knocked out of his system. I don't know what to say, what to do. What I do know however is that I don't, not for a second, regret what just happened and hope like mad that Jess feels the same way. And it's not just the afterglow that's making me feel this way either. Now that the bridge has been crossed I don't know if I can go back to living with Jess and just quashing the way I feel about him.

When it becomes obvious that Jess is too embarrassed -- or perhaps mortified -- to speak, I realise that I've got to do something. Nothing else springing to mind, I shuffle back closer to him and quickly, before second thoughts get the better of me, wrap my arms around him, hugging him tight. Jess reacts by tensing up before, with a sigh of relief, relaxing into my embrace. I kiss the top of his head as he buries his face into my neck. Minutes pass as we hug, Jess sliding his arms around my back, my hands tracing lazy circles on his.

Still not knowing what to say, it's Jess who breaks the silence.

Lifting his head, he looks up at me and smiles timidly. "You owe me dinner and a movie," he murmurs, unless I'm mistaken, hopefully. "I'm... I'm not really this kind of boy," he adds softly, his eyes gazing into mine, once again holding me transfixed, "I... I prefer to know I'm wanted before getting into someone's pants."

Relief washing over me, I return his smile and kiss the tip of his nose. "Would it reassure you to know that you're very much wanted?" I whisper, almost wanting to laugh at how things look to be turning out. "That I've wanted you since, oh, just about the first time I laid eyes on you but have always been too wimpy to do anything about it?"

Jess grins happily. "Oh yeah, that'd very much reassure me," he replies, sighing contentedly as he rests his head on my shoulder. "So, dinner and a movie and then we can do it all over again, yeah? No Feral virus, no hiding of our desires, just the two of us finally doing what we should have done ages ago."

"You pick the restaurant and I'll pick the movie, how does that sound?" I offer lightly, the saying 'good things come to those who wait' doing lazy laps around my head and making me think that it's now my time for grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

"Perfect," Jess murmurs, looking up at me and laughing. "Or should that perhaps be *purrfect*?"

As bad as his Feral joke is, I laugh, the future suddenly looking brighter than ever.

Ignoring the fact that it sure as fuck has a funny way of operating, I love this life.

I really do.

~ end ~


Created on ... April 29, 2003